A postgraduate degree deepens a graduate's understanding of their chosen field and gives them the edge they need to advance in their chosen careers. Having a Masters degree or PhD will make an individual stand out in a crowded field.

Why pursue a Postgraduate Degree at HELP?

HELP University offers a wide range of postgraduate programmes. We were also the pioneer in Malaysia in offering postgraduate programmes via the APEL-Q pathway.

  • HELP's Postgraduate Programmes are staffed by lecturers who have excellent academic credentials and experience in their field. They have extensive ties with well-respected universities around the world and have the knowledge, experience and resources to guide you to success.

  • Our campus environment provides one of the best places for quiet study and reflection, something that many postgraduate students who have taken time off their busy careers will enjoy. With a well-connected network of public transportation and roads, commuting is smooth and quick.

  • Our extensive postgraduate programmes also attracts many postgraduate students from overseas. This community of different individuals with different backgrounds and experiences will provide a stimulating environment for your growth.

Postgraduate Programmes

The Postgraduate Programmes available in HELP University are: