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Start your journey with us. Explore the programmes we have. All HELP programmes have been enhanced to also impart the 8 Graduate Attributes.

Students in HELP University's Subang Bestari campus

Why study with us?

HELP has provided education at the highest levels for our more than 150,000 alumni for the past 38 years. They have gone on to further studies in more than 500 top universities around the world and are now pursuing their careers and life goals. This is our passion and we would love to extend our HELP to you too.

Fields of Study

HELP has 16 Fields of Study for you to find the programme best suited for your goals and dreams. If you need more information, make an appointment to visit us.

Level of Study

HELP University offers various programmes ranging from Pre-University, Diploma, Undergraduate, and Postgraduate, as well as Professional Certifications.

Pre-University & Diploma

HELP University offers various programmes for high school graduates, ranging from Foundation programmes which are recognised by overseas universities, to diploma programmes which upon completion allows you to continue with your undergraduate degree or jump straight into your dream career.
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HELP University is renowned for its programmes in social sciences and humanities. Join the largest faculty which is the Faculty of Business, Economics, and Accounting, or the largest Psychology Faculty in Southeast Asia. If you're not interested in either, our Law, IT, and Education programmes are also top notch.
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Discover a wide range of postgraduate programmes offered by HELP University, ranging from PhDs, DBA, MBA and Masters in many other fields. HELP University is one of the first universities in Malaysia to offer postgraduate programmes through the APEL-Q pathway which recognises your previous job experiences as credits towards the postgraduate programme reducing the duration of time to complete the degree.
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Faculties & Departments

There are 11 Faculties, Departments and Schools in HELP, serving more than 10,000 students from all over Malaysia and the world.