CAREERsense is HELP University's one-stop career centre offering career guidance and counselling. We aim to equip our students and graduates with the relevant tools, attitudes and skills needed for personal and career success.

Introduction to CAREERsense@HELP

CAREERsense specialises in equipping and empowering our students and graduates in charting their career success.

We offer workshops and training resources to develop the skills and tools to succeed in the job market, including career counselling, resume building, mock interviews and networking events. We also provide resources and opportunities for professional development, to empower our students and graduates for success and advancement in the competitive job market.

Our team are in close touch with industry partners and employers to provide internship and job placement opportunities for our students so that their academic learning have a real-world context.

We are committed to helping our students succeed in the working world and seek to continually update and upgrade our resources so we can provide them with the support and guidance necessary to thrive in their future endeavors.


CAREERsense offers a variety of services to our students and alumni. 

Career Test

Take CAREERsense's well known custom-built career test—the HELP Interest Inventory © 2019 (CASHII-S). The purpose of this test is to investigate your interests among 6 possible types of work. The test contains 48 statements describing different kinds of occupational activities. You are required to decide how much you would like to do these activities from “I dislike doing this a great deal” to “I like doing this very much.”

Industry Partners

HELP University’s graduates are highly coveted by top companies and multinational corporations, consistently proving themselves as valuable assets in the global workforce.

Equipped with a diverse skill set, international exposure, and a strong foundation in their respective fields, our alumni excel in their careers across various industries. Whether they pursue roles in finance, technology, education, or beyond, HELP graduates are known for their adaptability, innovation, and leadership qualities.

With a track record of success, they not only secure prestigious positions but also ascend to leadership roles, making significant contributions to their organizations and communities. Wherever their ambitions lead them, HELP graduates are poised to make a lasting impact and thrive in today’s dynamic and competitive professional landscape.

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