Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Education

This PhD programme prepares students to master research and subject specialisation skills before embarking the dissertation.


HELP University offers the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Education (Mixed-Mode) programme to provide learners with a comprehensive coursework cum research study. Learners will develop a deep understanding of both subject specialisation and research in one of these three disciplines:

  1. Educational Management
  2. Early Childhood Education, and
  3. Teaching of English as a Second Language

As this programme is conducted on a mixed-mode basis, the first part of the programme focuses on direct instruction to facilitate the mastery of research skills and subject specialisation skills necessary to progress to the next phase of study which is the research dissertation component.

With the advantage of content-mastery and research, learners will be prepared to become professional researchers cum subject-matter specialists. The expertise to be gained from this programme can be applied in a variety of environments such as universities, colleges, education departments, schools or any institutions offering education programmes.

During the coursework phase, learners will undergo face-to-face teaching and learning interactions with facilitators and fellow learners. The coursework phase culminates with the preparation of the Concept Paper which serves as bridge between theory and practice and prepares learners with appropriate competencies for the next phase of the study programme – the dissertation. Seminars and workshops will be organised from time to time to facilitate learners with knowledge and skills needed to complete their dissertations.


3-year programme (One year of coursework and two years of dissertation exercise)

HELP Subang 2

RM 50,000

Course Code
JPT/BPP(U) (N/140/8/0027) (MQA/PA13817) 07/27

Why study Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Education at HELP?

At HELP University, our roots are deeply entrenched in the passion and dedication of educators. Founded by a group of educationists our institution's foundation reflects a commitment to excellence in education.

  • As a prospective PhD student, you'll be entering an academic environment shaped by educators who understand the transformative power of knowledge and are devoted to nurturing the next generation of scholars and leaders.

  • You will benefit from a holistic learning environment that prioritizes both academic excellence and personal growth. Our supportive faculty and staff are committed to providing personalized guidance and mentorship, ensuring that you have the support you need to thrive academically and professionally.

  • A PhD in Education from HELP University equips you with the knowledge, skills, and credentials to pursue a wide range of career opportunities in academia, research, policy-making, and beyond.

  • With a strong emphasis on practical application and real-world relevance, our programme ensures that you graduate ready to tackle the challenges and opportunities facing education today and in the future.

Programme Overview

Entry Requirements
Career Pathways

These are the subjects and electives that you will take as part of the programme.

  • Semester 1

  • Compulsory Courses

    • PHD 7010 Advanced Educational Research Methodology
    • PHD 7020 Data Analysis in Research
  • Semester 2 & 3

  • Select Any One Of The Three Subject Specialisations:

    Subject Specialisation: Educational Management

    • PHD 7030 Educational Management and Leadership
    • PHD 7040 Management of Educational Change

    Subject Specialisation: Early Childhood Education

    • PHD 7050 Theories and Practices of Early Childhood Education
    • PHD 7060 Child Development

    Subject Specialisation: Teaching of English as a Second Language (TESL)

    • PHD 7070 Second Language Teaching Methodology and Learning
    • PHD 7080 Second Language Acquisition
  • Elective

  • The elective subject will be chosen from any one of the subject specialisations. For example, if a learner’s subject specialisation is Educational Management, then the elective subject can be selected from either Early Childhood Education or Teaching of English as a Second Language.

  • Concept Paper (Compulsory Course)

  • Year 1

    • PHD 7090 Concept Paper

    Year 2

    • PHD 7000 Dissertation

    Year 3

    • PHD 7000 Dissertation

You will need to fulfill one of these entry requirements to join the programme.

  • Entry Requirements

  • Applicants must have one of the following entry requirements:

    • Master’s degree in Education OR
    • Master’s degree other than Education and possess a Bachelor’s degree in Education; OR
    • Master’s degree other than Education and possess a Diploma/Certificate in Teaching; OR
    • Master’s degree other than Education and possess at least 2 years of teaching experience; OR
    • Master’s degree other than Education and pass three (3) bridging courses offered by HELP University; OR
    • Any equivalent qualifications recognised by the Malaysian Government

    English Requirements (International Students)

    • IELTS Band 5.5 Academic; or
    • TOEFL 550 (Paper-Based)

Here are the career pathways for graduates who complete the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Education programme. The graduates can further their studies and do a postgraduate degree to further unlock more career pathways.

  • Possible Career Pathways

    • Academic
    • Teacher
    • Educational Management
    • Academic Tutor
    • Research Assistant
    • Researcher
    • Policy Maker
    • Curriculum Director
    • Training and Development
    • Education Consultant
    • Dean of Students
    • Professor
    • Education Policy Advocate
    • Principal
    • Vice Chancellor
    • Provost
    • College President