Admissions & Study Awards

Admissions, Study Awards & Financial Aid

Welcome and congratulations on your decision to be a part of the HELP community. Please follow the procedures laid out in these pages to make your admission experience smooth and and easy. Should you need any help or clarification please ask for help. For those who require financial aid or study awards check out the related section below.

Study Awards, Fee Waivers & Financial Aid

Each year HELP University offers generous study awards and fee waivers to deserving students such as students who have shown exceptional leadership skills, represented their schools, states, and the nation in sports, or have excellent academic grades. We are even giving out awards to students who have proven to be successful influencers in social media! 

Besides these awards and fee waivers from HELP, there are also many scholarships, grants, awards, and financial assistance from other corporations and bodies that you can apply for. Find out more by clicking on the boxes on your right.
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