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Why Business @ HELP?

Largest academic faculty at HELP University

The Faculty of Business, Economics and Accounting is a comprehensive business and hospitality and tourism management school distinguished for the quality of its academic staff, the depth of its programmes, the recognition accorded by world class universities, accreditation from professional bodies and its close links with the industry. It was formed in 1986 at the inception of HELP in the same year. At present, we are the largest academic faculty at HELP University with about 2,000 undergraduate students.


Experienced faculty members with excellent track record of nurturing top achievers – more than 200 scholarship recipients from The University of Queensland to date (Placed #47 in the QS World Ranking 2022). More than 40% of our lecturers have doctoral degrees in their specialised fields and most of our lecturers have more than 10 years of teaching experience at HELP University and substantial corporate work experience.


The IAB is established with the aim to ensure that the Business programmes offered by the faculty are relevant and meet the expectation of the industry. It also strengthens the faculty’s ties with the industry. The IAB comprises senior industrialists and professionals with both local and global exposure, and advises the faculty on our curriculum in the context of industry trends and employment prospects. The panel members support the faculty’s activities in placing undergraduates in their internship programmes and for the employment upon graduation.


The Bachelor of Business (Hons) programme which allows students to specialise in one of these seven areas: Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Human Resource Management, International Business, Hospitality Management and Marketing. Also offered are Bachelor of Economics (Hons), Bachelor of Management (Hons), Bachelor of Tourism Management and Bachelor of Business Psychology and Diploma in Business programmes.


The curriculum is broad-based in nature; it emphasises active learning through team-based projects and business simulations, using real-life case studies to enhance problem-solving skills and hands-on experience. These skills and competencies are strengthened through student activities such as participating in various local and international competitions and conferences, and organising professional and social events. Many of our graduates are headhunted by global employers for their analytical skills and resourcefulness. In the face of rapid developments in computer technology, and to keep up with the times, we realise the need to transform the undergraduate business education by incorporating relevant subjects that ensure readiness for survival in the Digital Frontier. The career tracks introduced in the marketing major which include the Digital Business track and the E-Commerce track will fulfil this Digital Transformation by equipping our students with effective skills and an efficient mindset.

Furthermore, industry and technology-based modules such as Fin Tech, Business Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Block Chain, Cryptocurrency, eCommerce Start-ups, Digital Business, Cybersecurity are embedded in the curricula thus producing analytics-driven graduates who are innovative, entrepreneurial, global mindedness and future skilled.


Our research is founded on collaboration – including partnerships with industry and government and we shall focus on Business Analytics, Digital Business, Investment Management, Fin Tech and Accounting. Our faculty members have won various research grants including from the Ministry of Education, Malaysia. Many of them have published in international journals and some of them have been invited to be key note speaker or moderator at international conferences and seminars. A few of them have won the Emerald Literati Award.


Our students have won numerous scholarships from top universities such as UQ, Melbourne, ANU, UNSW, Macquarie, Cardiff, Essex, University of the West of England, and many others. Furthermore, our students have won various competitions such as CPA AustraliaKMPG Case Competition, CIMB ASEAN Stock Challenge, Maybank Go Ahead. Challenge, EY Young Tax Professional of the Year, OSK Stock Market Challenge and many others.


We integrate work experience into our programmes thus enabling our students to make strong connections with industry leaders from EY, KPMG, Deloitte, PwC, HSBC, OCBC, L’Oréal, Unilever, GE, Accenture, BCG and many others. We have various internship and graduate training programmes with many leading multinational companies. These include Affin-Hwang Asset Management, Fave Malaysia, AIA, KPMG, Eastin Hotel, Unisem, Ogilvy & Mather, BDO and more. Hence, our graduates are preferred employees of global companies.


HELP University is a gateway to many international universities, enabling students to transfer credits to top universities in Australia and the UK, including the University of Queensland, University of Melbourne, Australian National University, Macquarie University, Queensland University of Technology, Cardiff University, University of the West of England, University of Bristol, Queen’s University of Belfast, University of Essex, Bangor University, University of Leeds. Furthermore, HELP University is the only university in Malaysia with an exclusive 2+1 credit transfer arrangement with the University of Queensland.

Professional Recognition


Students who have completed the HELP University Bachelor of Business (Accounting) (Hons) degree programme are eligible to apply to become Associate Members of CPA Australia where they will be required to complete 6 CPA segments under the CPA Programme. Upon completion of the 6 segments and the Practical Experience Requirement (which usually consists of 3 years of relevant working experience), they can then advance to CPA status and thereafter apply for membership with the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA).


Students who have completed the HELP University Bachelor of Business (Accounting) (Hons) degree programme are eligible for 9 subject exemptions out of 14 subjects from ACCA. ACCA has allowed HELP University’s Bachelor of Business (Accounting) (Hons) programme students’ conditional exemption (CE) into the ACCA Programme. The CE offering will allow our second and final year students of the Bachelor of Business (Accounting) (Hons) programme to take their ACCA Professional Level subjects prior to completion of their Bachelor degree programme.



Students who have completed the HELP University Bachelor of Business (Accounting) (Hons) degree programme are eligible to apply to sit for the MIA Qualifying Examination (QE) which consists of 4 papers. Upon completion of 4 papers and with 3-4 years relevant working experience, students can apply for membership into MIA. The MIA’s QE is the third and final route to gain admission into the MIA, after which they are officially recognised as Chartered Accountants.



Students who have completed the HELP University Bachelor of Business (Hons) degree programme are eligible to apply for Validation by Educational Experience (VEE) credit with the Society of Actuaries (SOA) if they have received a score of B-/DI/DI2 or better in the VEE-approved courses. The courses that are approved include QBM101 Business Statistics, QBM201 Advanced Business Statistics, ECO101 Principles of Microeconomics, ECO102 Principles of Macroeconomics and FIN202 Financial Management. This will allow the students to meet part of the necessary requirements in acquiring the Associateship with SOA.


The Malaysian Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (MAICSA) grants maximum exemptions to graduates of the HELP University Bachelor of Business (Accounting) (Hons) degree programme and Bachelor of Business (Finance) (Hons) degree programme. Graduates of these 2 programmes are only required to complete the final stage of the MAICSA International Qualifying Scheme (IQS) programme (by examination) which comprises of 4 subjects. Graduates of the other HELP University Bachelor of Business in Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Human Resource Management and International Business (Hons) degree programme are required to complete the MAICSA International Qualifying Scheme (IQS) 1 & 2 which comprises of 8 subjects.


Students who have completed the HELP University Bachelor of Business (Accounting) (Hons) degree programme are eligible for 8 subject exemptions out of 15 subjects from ICAEW.


HELP University Bachelor of Business (Finance) (Hons) degree programme has been accepted into the CFA Institute University Recognition Programme. This status is granted to institutions whose degree programme(s) incorporate at least 70% of the CFA Candidate Body of Knowledge (CBOK), which provide students with a solid grounding in the CBOK and positions them well to sit for the CFA exams.


Students who have completed the HELP University Bachelor of Business (Finance) (Hons) degree programme are eligible for Module 3 exemption. Students will then be required to complete Module 1, Module 2 and Module 4 in order to be awarded the Certified of Financial Planner (CFP).


Students are awarded a SAS-HELP University joint certificate and digital badge in Business Analytics upon successful completion of BBA204 Descriptive Business Analytics, BBA205 Predictive Business Analytics, and BBA302 Prescriptive Business Analytics.

SAS (previously known as “Statistical Analysis Software”) is used globally in the corporate world. SAS is a statistical software developed by SAS Institute for data management, advanced analytics, multivariate analysis, business intelligence, criminal investigation, and predictive analytics.

Why Hospitality and Tourism @ HELP?

welcome to the world of hospitality and tourism!

An Honours degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management is like a passport to the entire globe. Managerial level graduates are in high demand across all sectors of the service industry. Skills shortages in hospitality and tourism are well recognized and the industry is in critical need of more management level hospitality and tourism professionals.

The HELP programmes in Hospitality and Tourism explore the industry from a social, economic and environmental perspective and equip students with advanced knowledge about tourism and hospitality. These programmes provide graduates from a range of disciplines with the skills needed to sustainably manage tourism products, hospitality resources and management practices. It offers exposure to diverse areas such as tourism analysis and strategy, tourism systems analysis, sustainable tourism and hospitality practices, global destination competitiveness, economic decision-making in hospitality, tourist behaviour, sustainability and marketing.

At HELP, our history comes with many years of accumulated knowledge and experience in delivering world-class tourism and hospitality courses that produce versatile and ambitious graduates who are able to meet the challenges of working in the tourism and hospitality industries anywhere in the world. The training at HELP University will enable the students to immerse themselves in the real world of Hospitality and Tourism.

Dr Alice Lim Soo Mang

Head, School of Hospitality and Tourism


Spain (6 months)

  • Entry-level positions in 4 to 5-star hotels, resorts and restaurants, across Spain
  • Placement with 2 to 3-star Michelin restaurants

USA (12 months)

  • Placement with top US 4 to 5-star hotel chains and resorts, F&B outlets and restaurants

Australia (1 year)

  • Placement with top Hospitality brands in Australia

Malaysia (6 months)

  • Placement with top 5-star hotel chains and resorts

China (12 months)

  • Placement with top Luxury or 4 to 5-star Chinese hotel chains and resorts

Industrial Training

To enhance the effectiveness of classroom learning, students will also be exposed to hands-on practical learning which reflects the real-life working experience. Each student will have to undergo an intensive industrial training programme spanning 24 weeks at well-known establishments in the hospitality and tourism industry, including:

  • The Dorsett Regency, Kuala Lumpur
  • Mezze Restaurant, Kuala Lumpur
  • The Andaman a Luxury Collection Resort, Langkawi
  • The Pangkor Laut Resort
  • Palace of the Golden Horses, Selangor
  • Double Tree by Hilton, Kuala Lumpur
  • The Royale Bintang Damansara, Kuala Lumpur
  • The Royale Bintang Damansara, Selangor
  • Traders Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
  • Le Meridien Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
  • Le Meridien Hotel, Sabah
  • Grand Seasons Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
  • St. Regis, Langkawi
  • InterContinental, Kuala Lumpur

Student Activities – The HELP Tour Club

The HELP Tour Club was established to encourage a closer community among the students within the School of Hospitality and Tourism through student-based activities.

HELP Tour Club Evening

An evening to promote the importance of the HELP Tour Club, present the culture of travel, tourism and hospitality for both operators and customers, and introduce the tourism protocol, hospitality culture and dining etiquette.

HELP F&B Fiesta

Promoting the culture of beverages and methods of serving from different countries and societies, and connecting representatives from beverage production and preparation companies with students and consumers.

HELP World Tourism Day

Highlighting the quality of students’ achievements and projects, promoting the School’s education programmes, connecting the representatives from tourism companies and associations with students and teachers, and celebrating the culture and spirit of tourism as a global phenomenon.

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