Master of Education in Teaching And Learning


HELP Damansara

Level of Study



2 years​



Course Code

KPT/JPS (N/141/7/0069) (MQA/PA8168) 04/22

About This Course


  • Quality teacher training for mid-career professionals and those aiming to further their career in teaching and learning.
  • Become a competent and academically qualified teacher to meet the growing demand in the private sector education.
  • Be equipped with skills that make teaching and learning efficacious and interesting.


  • To provide hands-on training and solid academic research experience for teachers in varied educational settings.
  • To enhance professional competence, knowledge and students’ career prospect in the discipline based on informed practices and broader view of education.
  • To upgrade and update teaching skills and benefit from new developments in teaching and learning while acquiring enquiry skills for continuous professional development.
  • To enable teachers to effectively manage curriculum changes and changing needs of learners.

Key Feature

  • Approval obtained from MQA (MQA/PA 8168)
  • Modular mode
  • Programme duration: From 1 ½ years (full time) to 3 years (part time) leading to the HELP Master of Education (Teaching and Learning) degree.
  • Graduation requirements: Fulfilment of a minimum of 40 credit hours from the study of ten (10) course modules, which include two elective majors and one teaching subject, and Practicum.
  • Credit transfer or subject exemption based on MQA guidelines.
  • Interactive, practical, small group teaching with a variety of student experience.
  • Peer learning by working with other professional teachers from across the country and different language background.
  • Innovative pedagogical practices and integrative methodologies.
  • Highly qualified and dedicated academic team with extensive record of service in leading universities in the region, all with strong pedagogy background.
  • Good value for money and numerous scholarships and bursaries are available. For details, please contact Ms. Azlina Jamaludin (email: email:

Applicants must have one of the following entry requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree of a course of study of at least 3 years from a recognised university with a minimum CGPA of 2.5 or equivalent, subject to following:
  • For non-education graduates, a minimum of one year’s teaching experience is required – those with less than one year’s teaching experience are required to attend a bridging programme to prepare them for the MEDU (TL) programme.
  • Non-degree holders with at least a diploma or STPM may obtain MQA Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL) approval for postgrad admission.
  • For international candidates, English proficiency in terms of IELTS 5.5 or equivalent is requirement for course commencement.

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  • MEDU 6014 Teacher Education and Contemporary Society
    4 Credit hours
  • MEDU 6024 Curriculum Challenges and Changes
    4 Credit hours
  • MEDU 6034 Instructional Media and Programmes
    4 Credit hours
  • MEDU 6044 Assessment (Subject) and Evaluation (Programme)
    4 Credit hours
  • MEDU 6054 People Skills, Group Dynamics and Therapies
    4 Credit hours
  • MEDU 6084 Research Approaches and Methods
    4 Credit hours
  • MEDU 6134 The Project-based Learning Methodology
    4 Credit hours


  • MEDU 6063 Innovation and Technology
    3 Credit hours
  • MEDU 6073 Theatre Arts and Creativity
    3 Credit hours


  • MEDU 6093 Language and Literature Studies
    3 Credit hours
  • MEDU 6103 Social Studies and Environment
    3 Credit hours
  • MEDU 6113 Social Studies and Environment
    3 Credit hours
  • MEDU 6123 Physical and Health Education, and Sports
    3 Credit hours


  • MEDU 6146 Practicum and Research Inquiry in Education Settings
    6 Credit hours

  • 10 modules, six (6) weeks classes per module, excluding assignments and examinations.
  • Face-to-face classes on first, third, and sixth weekends (Saturday & Sunday classes)
  • Minimum of one week break between modules- adjusted to fit public holidays if necessary.
  • Course Duration: 10 modules X 9 weeks = 90 weeks or ± 2 years

  • Head of Department
  • Programme Director
  • Academic Advisor
  • Curriculum Designer
  • College Lecturer
  • Tutor
  • Administrator

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