Varsity Track and Field Achievement

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Sports Achievements

24-26 May 2024

The HELP University Athletics Team showcased their remarkable talent and teamwork at the Varsity Track & Field 2 (VTF2) 2024, held at Stadium Kluang in Johor. This prestigious event brought together top university athletes from across the region, providing a competitive platform for HELP University’s athletes to demonstrate their skills and dedication.

Yap Chun Wan delivered an outstanding performance, earning a silver medal in the Men’s 200m race with an impressive time of 22.34 seconds. His speed and agility were on full display, highlighting his potential as a top contender in track events. Teoh Yu-En also made a significant impact, securing a bronze medal in the Women’s 400m with a commendable time of 65.73 seconds. Her performance was a testament to her endurance and determination.

The Women’s 4x100m Relay Team, comprising Teoh Yu-En, Chan Tong Fei, Ong Jas Min, and Wong Zi San, achieved a bronze medal with a time of 55.36 seconds. Their seamless teamwork and synchronized efforts were key to their success, demonstrating the importance of coordination and collective effort in relay events.

The Men’s 4x100m Relay Team, featuring Ngeow Dey Ren, Amirul Danial, Nah Soon Ann, and Yap Chun Wan, delivered a particularly noteworthy performance. They broke the sub-42 second barrier, setting a new personal best with a time of 41.97 seconds, and earned a bronze medal. This achievement was a significant milestone for the team, underscoring their rigorous training, exceptional speed, and strategic execution.

The success of HELP University’s athletes at the VTF2 2024 is a reflection of their rigorous training programs, strategic coaching, and the strong support system provided by the university. The athletes’ achievements not only brought pride to the university but also highlighted the high standards of excellence upheld by HELP University’s athletic department.

Participating in high-level competitions such as the VTF2 2024 is crucial for the development of student-athletes. It provides them with the opportunity to compete against some of the best talents in the region, enhancing their skills and preparing them for future challenges. These experiences are invaluable, contributing significantly to their growth as both athletes and individuals.

The accomplishments of the HELP University Athletics Team are a source of inspiration for their peers and future athletes. Their dedication, hard work, and success set a high standard for others to aspire to. The university’s commitment to supporting its athletes in achieving their full potential is evident in the outstanding performances witnessed at the VTF2 2024.

The HELP University Athletics Team’s participation in the Varsity Track & Field 2 (VTF2) 2024 was marked by impressive achievements and personal milestones. The silver and bronze medals earned by Yap Chun Wan and Teoh Yu-En, along with the commendable performances of the relay teams, underscore the talent and dedication of HELP University’s athletes. These successes not only enhance the university’s reputation for athletic excellence but also reinforce its commitment to fostering a supportive and competitive environment for all its student-athletes. The university community celebrates these achievements and looks forward to more outstanding performances in future competitions.