University of Queensland, Australia awarded scholarships to HELP students

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From left: Saw Kai Sheng, Erinn Lim Yen Huey, Teng E-Shien, Lim Yi Feng, Lim Yee Shen

Five HELP University students were recently awarded the prestigious HELP University-University of Queensland Scholarships. These five, namely Teng E-Shien, Lim Yi Feng, Lim Yee Shen, Saw Kai Sheng and Erinn Lim Yen Huey shall continue their final year studies at the University of Queensland (UQ) in February 2020.

Erinn and Kai Sheng are not only very happy, grateful and honoured to receive the award as UQ is one of the most reputable universities with a high QS ranking, but they are also happy to follow the footsteps of their siblings, who are also recipients of the same award in 2019 and 2013 respectively. Erinn’s sister, Grace Lim Yen Bing enrolled at UQ in February 2019, and is currently working as assistant tax consultant at KPMG Malaysia. She said she had a wonderful learning and living experience in Australia as it was very different from what she has experienced in Malaysia. According to her, “UQ provides an excellent learning atmosphere and extraordinary academic support that offers various opportunities to advance students’ studies and career. As well as being a great place to study, UQ is a great place to meet new people, enjoy a range of sports and cultural activities, and relax in a diverse and welcoming environment.”

Seeing the positive experience her sister had, Erinn was inspired to work hard towards getting the scholarship and to experience what her sister went through. She said, “I want to get a head start for my future career in accounting and to experience different cultures,” and so she felt, UQ was the best choice for her. Kai Sheng wanted a different campus and environment experience, so he decided to apply for this scholarship too. He heard about the good reviews about UQ from seniors, friends and his elder brother, Kai Boon. Kai Boon received the same scholarship in 2013. Kai Boon’s academic relationship with HELP was first built when he chose to study the Foundation in Arts programme at HELP Matriculation Centre.

According to him, the experience in the Foundation programme assisted in building a strong foundation that paved his way towards his degree studies. Furthermore, Kai Boon added, “HELP’s business programme is well-designed to provide sufficient fundamental knowledge to meet UQ’s course challenges. The course content is well structured according to the level and standard of that of UQ. The Student Placement Centre (SPC) has also provided various kind of student services and support necessary to smoothen my transition into UQ.” Kai Boon is now a Finance Manager with Nippon Paint (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.

E-Shien feels grateful and feels like her hard work has paid off. She wants to pursue her final year at UQ because she likes to aim high, and UQ is one of the top universities in Australia. She intends to work in Australia while completing her professional Accounting qualification. For Yi Feng and Yee Shen, UQ was their first choice because it offers scholarships and is well known in the world. Yi Feng is confident that UQ will bring benefits later for employment, while Yee Shen has friends studying there, so it gave her the excitement and confidence to go abroad.

The success of these UQ scholarship holders are a testament to the high quality and standards of HELP’s Faculty of Business, Accounting and Economics. As Grace also said, “The credit transfer programme at HELP and UQ offers world class accreditation and education. My studies at UQ are highly recognised, and I received many interview offers. Therefore, I get to choose the job that exactly matches my personal preference once graduated.”

HELP’s Faculty of Business, Economics and Accounting (FBEA) continues its long tradition of producing outstanding students to top Australian universities such as UQ, University of Melbourne, Australian National University, University of New South Wales, University of Western Australia, Macquarie University and many more. HELP’s FBEA is one of the largest business schools in the region, pioneering innovative programmes, which command the market and receive maximum accreditation by professional bodies.

Recently the faculty was awarded the Premier Digital Tech Uni (PDTU) status by the Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), a recognition that HELP is one of Malaysia’s leading digital tech focussed tertiary institutions. The faculty also manages the largest Bloomberg Finance Lab in Malaysia. Its graduates are headhunted by multinational corporations to become industry captains and senior executives in Asia. HELP is the only university in Malaysia to have a 2+1 articulation programme with UQ, a member of the Group of 8 Universities (Go8) in Australia, a coalition of leading universities in Australia.

Malaysians and international students who demonstrate academic excellence, sports excellence and display leadership qualities are entitled to apply for scholarships and bursaries but all scholarships and bursaries applied for are subject to terms and conditions. For further information and enquiries please call 03-27162000 or log on


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