Team of 8 HELP Business, Psychology and Communication Students Wins 3rd Runner-Up Award at Festival Colours of The World 2019, (FESCO)

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8 HELP University students from 3 faculties put on an impressive show to win the 3rd Runner-Up and Best Costume Awards in a field of 9 private universities at the 2019 FESCO, organized by Universiti Technologi Petronas (UTP), in collaboration with the Ministry of Education.

FESCO 2019 was the 12th of the annual event.  The competition, under 4 categories: Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, Public Universities (IPTA), and Private Universities (IPTS), was held on 5 and 6 July at UTP, Perak. The theme for ITPS was “Medley New Creation Malay Social Dance”.  Choreography (Mr Hazlami) and Costume Design for the HELP Team were provided by Akar Seni Dance Academy.

The HELP Team of Achievers comprised:

 On floor, left to right

  1. Harishangkari Rajasekharan, Bachelor of Pyschology, Year 1
  2. Kate Keoh Yan Yan, Bachelor of Communication (Marketing Communication), Year 2
  3. Prrisha Ramash, Bachelor of Business (Acc), Year 3

 Standing, left to right

  1. Gloria Ubang Wan, Bachelor of Business (Entrep), Year 1
  2. Fahmida Tarin, Bachelor of Business (Acc), Year 1
  3. Cinca Safitri, Bachelor of Economics, Year 2
  4. Nguyen Nam Phuong, from Vietnam, Bachelor of Business (Fin), Year 3
  5. Nalni Krishna Moorthi, Bachelor of Psychology, Year 3.


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Prof. Dr. Andy Hickson, Dean of the Faculty of Communication, HELP University. Social theatre pioneer, creative arts practitioner, actor and publisher of

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