Student Mobility

Short Term Mobility Programme

Short Term Mobility Programme

HELP University’s Summer Camp/Short Term Study Tour comprises short-term courses ranging from 1 – 4 weeks depending on the learning components and customization of each programme. All courses are conducted in English. Upon completion of this course, credits may be awarded to the student’s programme at his home institution, subject to the academic regulations of the home institution. Students participating in this programme are required to purchase an international medical and hospitalization plan from their home country. 

Cost & Fee Structure

Summer/Winter Camp & Cultural Study Tour
7-Day Programmes
  1. 7-Day Summer Camp programme (min 25 pax)
  2. 7-day academic & cultural study tour (min 25 pax)
 ****ESTMATED cost per pax is RM4300*  14-Day Programmes
  1. 14-Day Summer Camp programme (min 25 pax)
  2. 14-day academic & cultural study tour (min 25 pax)
****ESTIMATED cost per pax is RM6000* 
Further information:
  • We offer customized programme on request 
  • Programme itinerary and arrangements details, kindly contact Global Mobility Office (
Bookings should be made within the validity period of the proposal. To avoid disappointment and secure confirmation, payment should be paid ONE month in advance. Email the bank TT slip to for confirmation of your package. We shall confirm bookings upon receipt of bank TT slip. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in cancellation of the reservation and forfeiture of the deposit. 

If cancellation is made 14 days before departure, 70% of the summer camp fare will be forfeited. 

For cancellations less than 14 days before departure, the full summer camp fare will be forfeited. 

Postponement/Amendment of Booking

Notice of postponement/amendment must be made in writing to HELP University to avoid any misunderstanding and should be signed by the person who made the original booking. The amendment is not effective until HELP University receives and accepts the request for amendment. 

Upon the confirmation of the tour, no tour changes can be made to the reservation before the date of departure. However, any request from any tour member for any change to return from the tour earlier or later than the appointed date will be subject to the conditions and extra charges of the respective airlines. 

Changing the entire reservation would constitute a cancellation of the original reservation and is subject to the cancellation charges stated in (3) above. 

Schedule changes / Amendment on itinerary

Changing of an airline’s schedule or local conditions may require sightseeing tours, hotels and routes to be changed. Should this occur, HELP University shall make alternative arrangements subject to local conditions. HELP University and its authorized agents also reserve the right to change the tour itinerary with or without notice due to operational/unforeseen reasons. 


HELP University bank details are listed below:


Account Number: 359-010303-101



Bank Swift Code: HBMBMYKL

Asian Entreprenuership & Innovation

Entrepreneurial ventures are innovating and creating new products and services at a rate never witnessed before. It is therefore important that students are thoroughly familiar with the entrepreneurial process. This course helps students look into the dynamics of developing, planning, financing and launching new enterprises. Students will have an in-depth understanding on how entrepreneurs create and develop successful business ventures of their own. Students will be exposed to the issues involved in developing business plans, identifying business opportunities, managing successful corporations, and the relevant processes involved in setting up a new venture. 

The Asian Business Environment

This course is a multi-disciplinary study of the dynamics of the Asian business environment. This dynamic and complex region is examined within the framework of economic, political and cultural elements. The emphasis is on examining institutional, social, cultural, political and economic elements which contribute to a particularistic system of organizing firms, markets and labour relations. As such, various governance structures and its link to economic and business activity will be examined. The module is historical, contemporary and comparative. 

Constructing Asia : Governance, Institutions & Identity

This course focuses on studying the dynamics and complexities of contemporary Asia by critically analyzing topics related to economics, politics and governance in the region. Specifically, the course examines the ideas of the State, nationalism, Asian values, security; culture, values and social change, governance as a form of capitalism; ethnicity, religious renewal and identity, the rising middle class and societal transformation. It will also look at the governance of regional and global arrangements with a focus on the sets of institutions and organizational structures that determine the rules of the game and the nature of the relationship amongst the key actors. 

Application Information

Course Duration

Early Jan – Mid Feb Annually (Max 6 weeks) 

Application Deadline

30 Nov of the year, for following year intake application

Course Fees
Kindly contact Global Mobility Office (
  • To be eligible to enroll for these courses, students must have the following: 
  • Currently enrolled as an undergraduate student in a university with credit transfer arrangements with HELP. 
  • A minimum CGPA of 3.0/5.0 
  • 2nd or 3rd year students 
Credit Transfer
  • Credits will be award to students who have successfully completed the courses. 
  • As credit transfer policies vary among universities, you are advised to check with your home university if the credits you earn in the course that you enroll in at HELP can be transferred over to your home university. 
  • You will need to do this before you enroll for the course. 
  • Each of the courses offered are equivalent to 4 credit hours or 160 hours of study 
Application Procedure
  • Check if there is an exchange agreement between your university and HELP University. 
  • Contact the officer in charge of the exchange programme at your university for further information about application procedures and admission requirements. 
  • Complete the Global Mobility application form. All fields must be completed and submitted together with the required documents. All relevant documents must be certified as true copies by the authorized signatory in your institution. 
  • The acceptance and approval of the application into the selected courses is entirely at the discretion of the faculty of HELP University. If a course is not available for any reason, it will be replaced by one that approximates the original. 

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