Social Media insights from prominent industry professionals

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29 May 2024

HELP University organized a dynamic session that brought together students with prominent industry professionals including Dissy, Yuriko Heng Yan Yan, MikuLing, and Choon Hao. This gathering focused on exploring the latest trends in social media, particularly emphasizing aspects such as live streaming and strategies for cultivating a strong online presence.

Throughout the session, participants engaged in lively discussions about the significance of establishing and nurturing social media profiles early in their careers. The industry experts shared their personal journeys, providing invaluable insights into the evolving landscape of digital content creation. They also highlighted potential challenges faced in the industry, offering practical advice on overcoming obstacles and leveraging opportunities.

Central to the event was the encouragement for students to embrace innovation and experimentation within the realm of social media. They were urged to explore diverse platforms, experiment with different content formats, and consistently engage with their audience to build meaningful connections.

Organized by HELP University, this session was designed to enrich students’ educational experiences by bridging theoretical knowledge with practical insights from seasoned professionals. By participating in such events, students not only gain a deeper understanding of industry dynamics but also acquire essential skills and strategies that are crucial for success in the competitive world of social media and digital marketing. This initiative underscores HELP University’s commitment to preparing students for future career opportunities by equipping them with relevant and up-to-date knowledge in digital communication and media strategies.