Science of Feelings

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We are pleased to announce that the National Book Council of Malaysia has selected ‘The Science of Feelings by HELP University’s Associate Professor Dr. Eugene Yu Jin Tee was featured under the “50 Best Malaysian Titles For International Rights 2021/2022” at the Frankfurt Bookfair (Frankfurter Buchmesse) 2022.

The book shares insights on emotions in the workplace such as leadership and group behaviours while exploring the driving factors of fear, anger, and compassion. Readers learn the role emotions play in human behavior and culture while encouraging readers to recognize emotions in learning development on social skills, and problem-solving.

The Science of Feelings: What Psychological Research Tells Us about Our Emotions is a guide to understanding the general science of feelings through a psychological perspective. It draws insights from philosophers, neuroscientists, sociologists, economists, and neuroscientists.

Dr. Eugene Yu Jin Tee is HELP University’s Associate Professor at HELP University’s Department of Psychology. He teaches and conducts research in the fields of emotions and emotional intelligence while research work has been featured in academic books, journals, seminars, and popular print media such as The Leadership Quarterly, Asian Journal of Social Psychology, and International Journal of Psychology. He has also conducted emotions management training for organisations such as JP Morgan, Lazada, and Lazada.