Redefining Education: HELP University Launches Its New Brand Campaign Named #WhyNot?

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Being a Challenger Brand to revolutionise, challenge the education norm, and break boundaries through four brand pillars, eight graduate attributes and lifelong learning initiatives.

Kuala Lumpur, Tuesday, 2 April 2024 – HELP University is proud to announce the launch of its innovative and refreshing new brand campaign titled #WhyNot? This daring and bold initiative aims to challenge the norms of education and break boundaries by redefining the way individuals learn, grow, and thrive in today’s dynamic world.

At the start of the #WhyNot? launch event, the founders of HELP University, Professor Datuk Dr Paul Chan Tuck Hoong, and Datin Chan-Low Kam Yoke who have been pioneers in the private education sector in Malaysia shared their journey of establishing the university, highlighting fond memories and overcoming challenges through a personal and captivating video.

HELP University and its founders have always been challengers since its inception in 1986, opening up access to tertiary education for all Malaysians, and changing the landscape of education in the country.

The #WhyNot? Campaign is built upon four brand pillars which are Academic Excellence, Life and Career Preparation, Vibrant Student Life, and Wellness and Community.
From left : –
The Senior Leadership of HELP University:
Dr Goh Chee Leong, Chief Executive Officer, Tertiary;
Adam Chan, Executive Director;
Professor Datuk Dr Paul Chan Tuck Hoong, Co-Founder and Chancellor;
Datin Chan – Low Kam Yoke, Co-Founder and Director;
Professor Dr Andy Liew Teik Kooi, Vice-Chancellor;

During the launch of the #WhyNot? Campaign, Professor Dr Andy Liew Teik Kooi, Vice-Chancellor of HELP University said: “As a challenger brand in the education sector, HELP University is proud to launch the #WhyNot? campaign, which embodies our commitment to redefining education. Through this initiative, we aim to inspire individuals to question the status quo and embrace new possibilities in their learning journey.”

“The #WhyNot? Campaign is built upon four brand pillars, each designed to revolutionise the educational experience at HELP. We believe that each person wants to go through a transformational experience so that they will become successful and to be able to live a life of significance. How we create the transformation of the person is through the four brand pillars which are: Academic Excellence, Life and Career Preparation, Vibrant Student Life, and Wellness and Community. Within the Life and Career Preparation are eight graduate attributes that we want our students to develop. They are digital agility, social intelligence, strategic communication, mental agility, environmental and global literacy, moral courage, resilience and wellness, and clarity of purpose which we believe will equip our graduates with the necessary skills and mindset to thrive in an ever-evolving professional landscape, fostering their success both personally and professionally,” added Professor Dr Andy Liew.

At the exciting launch, Dr Goh Chee Leong, Chief Executive Officer of HELP Tertiary announced that from now until December 2024, there will be 380 #WhyNot? Study Awards worth up to RM5,000,000 to be given away to students who strive to challenge and push boundaries for the betterment of society.

“HELP is also a university that goes beyond papers, classrooms, exams and graduation. We are redefining education. Education is a lifelong journey for everyone, and we will never stop learning new skills, and gaining new knowledge to transform. This is why we are launching these new awards to encourage the potentials to pursue their studies at HELP University and lead industry-driven projects through various collaborations and dynamic partnerships.  These define the #WhyNot? challenger spirit and will empower students to tackle real-world challenges alongside industry leaders. From cybersecurity to environmental sustainability, students collaborate on impactful initiatives that shape the future,” explained Dr Goh Chee Leong.

The #WhyNot? Brand Campaign also celebrated alumni who exemplify the #WhyNot spirit by challenging norms and achieving remarkable success. Notable alumni such as Venon Tian, COO of ZUS Coffee; Jochebed Isaacs, Director of Early Autism Project Malaysia and Founder of The Hope Project; Aaron Sarma, an entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and green pioneer; and Doris Wong, Managing Director of Energem Corp to inspire current students to strive for greatness.

Guests at the brand campaign launch were also introduced to HELP’s AI Persona, Hannah, who will be interacting and answering questions from prospective students on our website. This is a true definition of revolutionising education.

As HELP University continues to redefine education, the #WhyNot? campaign serves as a manifesto for a new era of learning—one that goes beyond traditional boundaries and prepares individuals to thrive in an ever-evolving world.

The launch event was emceed by Che Puan Sarimah Ibrahim, a HELP alumna, actress and TV host.  It was also a live streamed event on HELP University’s Facebook.


Links to videos

Brand Manifesto video

Interview with Datuk Dr Paul Chan and Datin Chan-Low Kam Yoke on the founding of HELP University (long version)

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About HELP University

HELP University was founded in 1986 and it has developed into a leading institution of higher learning in Malaysia. HELP University offers a wide range of social science, and humanities programmes, and is renowned for its psychology, accounting, business, law, education, and IT programmes. The university has embarked on a transformation journey to become the Analytics-Driven Entrepreneurial University.

In 2019, HELP University was awarded the Premier Digital Tech Institution (PDTI) status by the Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) for being a leading digital tech-focused institution that produces high quality graduates for the workforce.

In 2020 it was awarded an overall 5 Stars rating by the Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) an annual publication of university rankings. QS also awarded 5 Stars to HELP for the following categories: Teaching, Employability, Academic Development, Internationalisation, Facilities, Social Responsiveness, Inclusiveness, and Business and Management Studies (MBA). In 2021, HELP University was ranked No 1 among 650 universities in Asia for Outbound Student Exchange programmes by QS Rankings World University Ranking: Asia 2021.

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