Diploma in Education

This programme is designed to equip prospective teachers to teach effectively at the preschool and primary school levels.


The Diploma in Education programme is designed to equip aspiring prospective teachers with the knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes necessary to teach effectively at the preschool and primary school levels.

The programme is delivered using student-centred learning approaches such as project-based learning, inquiry-based learning, school-based experiences, teamwork and collaborative projects, field trips and reports, presentations, school visits, case studies and practicum.

Throughout the programme, prospective teachers explore education foundation theories, 21st-century curriculum and pedagogy, instructional technology, assessment and evaluation of learning processes, educational management and leadership, and the professional development of teachers.

The programme integrates theoretical knowledge with practical teaching strategies and educational technology to facilitate effective teaching and learning processes.

Jan, May, Aug

28 months (7 semesters)

Subang Bestari

Indicative Total Fees 
(including Application, Registration, and Resource Fees) RM 17,750

Course Code
JPT/BPP(U) (N/0110/4/0002) (MQA/PA12317) 11/24

Why study Diploma in Education at HELP?

  • Our teaching team is a healthy mix of local and international lecturers with industry experience and those with research experience in education.

  • The classes are conducted via various teaching and learning styles such as blended learning, face-to-face tutorial, project-based learning, small and large group discussions, field trips, instructional games, and oral presentations.

  • The 21st century classrooms in HELP University are equipped with the latest hardware, software and a centralised control system, conducive for meaningful communication and collaboration.

Programme Overview

Entry Requirements
Career Pathways

These are the subjects and electives that you will take as part of the programme.

  • Programme Details

  • The programme is a study of 29 courses @ 90 credit hours:

    • 21 Core Major
    • 2 Electives
    • 1 Practicum
    • 5 HEP-MPU Compulsory Subjects
  • Year 1

    • DEDU 1103 History and Philosophy of Education
    • DEDU 1023 Psychology of Education
    • DEDU 1013 Theories and Practice of Teaching and Learning
    • DEDU 1033 Computer literacy skills
    • DEDU 1073 Curriculum Planning
    • DEDU 1043 Child and Adolescent development
    • DEDU 1093 Mental Health and Group Dynamics
    • DEDU 1102 Study skills
    • DEDU 1063 Teaching Language Arts
    • DEDU 2063 Instructional Design
    • DEDU 2033 Teaching with Technology
  • Year 2

    • DEDU 2023 Social studies and Environmental Studies
    • DEDU 2073 Sociology of Education
    • DEDU2103 Teaching Methods and Strategies
    • DEDU 2093 Effective Classroom Management
    • DEDU 2043 Teaching Technical and Vocational Education
    • DEDU 2013 Mathematics and Science skills
    • DEDU 3013 Educational Assessment
    • DEDU 3033 Educational Management and Leadership
    • DEDU 3053 Development of Malaysian Education
    • DEDU 3023 Professional Development
    • DEDU 3043 Critical Thinking
  • Practicum

    • DEDU 3068 Teaching Practicum
  • Electives

    • DEDU 1083 Music and Arts Skills
    • DEDU 1053 Physical and Health Education Skills
    • DEDU 2053 Physical and Health Education Programme
    • DEDU 2083 Music and Arts Education Programme
  • MPU

    • MPU2163 Malaysian Studies 2
    • MPU2223 Communication and Writing Skills
    • MPU2233 Public Speaking Skills for Broadcasting
    • MPU2243 Critical Thinking Skills
    • MPU2313 Introduction to Malaysian Tourism
    • MPU2323 Malaysian Film Industry
    • MPU2412 Co-curriculum: Sports
    • MPU2422 Co-curriculum: Community Service 1
    • MPU2422 Co-curriculum: Event Management 1
  • Progression Pathway

You will need to fulfill one of these entry requirements to join the programme.

  • Entry Requirements

  • Applicants must have one of the following entry requirements:

    • SPM or SPMV or MCE with a minimum of three credits
    • Other equivalent qualification as approved by the Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA)
    • Candidates without SPM or MCE have one pathway, approved by MQA
    • Qualifying test on BM, English and Mathematics; i.e. the APEL Route created by MQA.

    English Requirement (International Students)

    • IELTS Band 4 or
    • MUET Band 2

Here are the career pathways for graduates who complete the Diploma in Education programme. 

  • Possible Career Pathways

    • Kindergarten Teacher
    • Primary School Teacher
    • Secondary School Teacher
    • Tutor
    • Educational Management
    • School Administrator
    • Educational Resource Developer
    • Curriculum Developer
    • Educational Policy