Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (Hons)

Deepen your knowledge on child development and how they learn and behave


This programme is designed to provide and equip students with in-depth knowledge of teaching young children from birth up to the age of 6 years old. Using a blended learning approach, the student-centred programme includes a wide variety of learning experiences, instructional approaches and academic support strategies that intend to address the distinct interests and aspirations of those who aspire to be Early Childhood educators or are simply just interested in the education of young children.

Jan, May, Aug

3 years 

Subang Bestari

Indicative Total Fees
(including Application, Registration, and Resource Fees) RM 75,600

Course Code
JPT/BPP(U) (R2/0112/6/0085) (A10104) 05/27

Why study Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (Hons) at HELP?

Early Childhood Education at HELP University is fully accredited and recognised by the MQA (Malaysian Qualifications Agency) and comply with the Malaysian Qualifications Framework.

  • We train students to be future entrepreneurs in the early childhood industry, equipping them with the relevant business skills and knowledge to set up businesses.

  • Our teaching team is a healthy mix of local and international lecturers with industry experience and those with research experience in education.

  • The classes are conducted via various teaching and learning styles such as blended learning, face-to-face tutorial, project-based learning, small and large group discussions, field trips, instructional games, and oral presentations.

  • The 21st century classrooms in HELP University are equipped with the latest hardware, software and a centralised control system, conducive for meaningful communication and collaboration.

Programme Overview 

Entry Requirements
Transfer Options
Career Pathways
  • Programme Details

  • The contents of the study fulfil the minimum 121 credit hours required from 36 subjects.

    • 26 Major ECE Courses including final year research project
    • 3 Electives (2 ECE electives and 1 open elective)
    • 2 Practicums (Practicum 1: Nursery and Practicum 2: Kindergarten)
    • 5 MPU Courses

    14 weeks for full semester; 7 weeks for half semester

  • Year 1

    • BECE1113 Growth and Development for Early Childhood
    • BECE1123 Foundation of Early Childhood Care and Education
    • BECE1024 Children and Play
    • BECE1044 Health, Safety and Nutrition for Young Children
    • BECE1074 Art and Craft
    • BECE1064 Young Children’s Literature
    • BECE1084 Music and Movement in Early Childhood
    • BECE1094 Observation and Assessment in Early Childhood
    • BECE1133 Foundation of Early Childhood Business and Entrepreneurship
    • BECE1143 Curriculum Planning & Programme Development
  • Year 2

    • BECE1103 Managing Young Children’s Behaviours
    • BECE2024 Social and Environment Studies in Early Childhood
    • BECE2034 Science and Technology in Early Childhood
    • BECE2044 Mathematics in Early Childhood
    • BECE2054 Teaching Young Children English
    • BECE2103 Teaching Young Children Bahasa Malaysia
    • BECE2094 Special Need in Early Childhood Education
    • BECE3034 Early Childhood Entrepreneurship and Management
    • BECE2124 Physical and Health Education in Early Childhood
    • BECE3014 Research Methodology in Early Childhood
  • Year 3

    • BECE3023 Families, Community and Society
    • BECE2114 Children’s Theatre
    • BECE3074 Issues, Ethics and Professionalism in Early Childhood Education
    • BECE3084 Early Childhood Research Project
    • BECE2084 Practicum 1: Nursery Experience (TASKA)
    • BECE3064 Practicum 2: Kindergarten Practice (TADIKA)
  • MPU

  • Bachelor of Early Childhood Education students must complete 5 subjects.


    • MPU3183 Penghayatan Etika dan Peradaban
    • MPU3193 Falsafah dan Isu Semasa
    • MPU3143 Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi 2

    MPU 2/MPU 3

    • MPU3213 Bahasa Kebangsaan A**
    • MPU3373 A * Gen Careers in Malaysia and Beyond

    MPU 4**

    • MPU3412 Co-curriculum – Sports 2
    • MPU3432 Co-curriculum – Event Management 2

    General Elective

    • GEN3513 Communication and Leadership Skills
    • GEN3523 Kursus Integriti dan Anti Rasuah (KIAR)

    * International students can choose to do either MPU3183 or MPU3193
    ** Local students without a Credit in SPM BM must attempt MPU2213 ONLY.
    *** Students must complete MPU 2 & 3 before attempting MPU 4

  • Entry Requirements

  • Applicants must have one of the following academic entry requirements:

    • HELP Diploma in Early Childhood Education, Business, Information Technology, Foundation in Arts or Science, and other equivalent
    • STPM A level passes in 2 subjects
    • A-Level With a CGPA of 2.00
    • Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) Minimum B grade in 5 subjects
    • CPU (Canadian Pre-University) At least 5 passes with a minimum average of 50%
    • South Australian Matriculation (SAM)/ Tertiary Entrance Education (TEE) A university aggregate of 50%
    • Equivalent Diploma, Foundation or Matriculation qualification
    • International Baccalaureate Minimum of 24 scores
    • Victorian Certificate of Education At least an average of 50%
    • Other equivalent qualifications approved/accredited by the Malaysian Qualification Agency.
  • English Requirements

    • IELTS Band 5 or
    • MUET Band 3
  • United Kingdom


    • BA (Hons) Childhood Studies (1+2)
  • For Graduates with a Bachelor's Degree

    • Daycare teacher
    • Kindergarten/preschool teacher
    • Early years/kindergarten principal
    • Early Childhood Education Lecturer
    • Educational toy consultant
    • Curriculum developer
    • Private/ International school teacher
    • Entrepreneur – owner of a daycare/ kindergarten