Perak Open Super Series 2-2024 

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Sports Achievements

9-12 May 2024

HELP University students recently participated in the Perak Open Super Series, held at the renowned Stadium Ipoh Perak. The event attracted top athletes from across the region, showcasing their talents in various track and field disciplines. The HELP University contingent delivered impressive performances, highlighting their dedication and athletic prowess.

One of the standout performances came from Yap Chun Wan, who secured the Bronze Medal in the 200m run. Yap’s impressive timing of 22.07 seconds not only earned him a place on the podium but also demonstrated his exceptional speed and competitive spirit. His achievement is a testament to his hard work and the effective training regimen provided by HELP University’s athletic program.

In addition to Yap’s success, other HELP University athletes also made significant strides in their respective events. Nah Soon Ann and Chan Tong Fei both achieved new Personal Bests in the 100m and 200m races, respectively. Nah Soon Ann recorded a remarkable time of 11.06 seconds in the 100m, showcasing his rapid acceleration and consistent performance. Chan Tong Fei, competing in the 200m, also set a new personal record, underscoring the continuous improvement and commitment of HELP University athletes.

These accomplishments at the Perak Open Super Series are the result of rigorous training, strategic coaching, and the unwavering support of the university’s sports department. The athletes’ dedication to their sport is evident in their outstanding performances, which have brought recognition and pride to HELP University.

The participation in such high-caliber events is crucial for the development of student-athletes. It provides them with the opportunity to compete against some of the best talents, enhancing their skills and preparing them for future challenges. These experiences are invaluable, contributing to their growth as both athletes and individuals.

The success of HELP University athletes at the Perak Open Super Series also reflects the broader commitment of the university to excellence in sports. The institution provides state-of-the-art training facilities, experienced coaches, and a supportive environment that encourages students to excel in both their academic and athletic pursuits. This holistic approach ensures that student-athletes are well-rounded individuals, equipped with the skills and discipline needed to succeed in various aspects of life.

Moreover, the achievements of Yap Chun Wan, Nah Soon Ann, and Chan Tong Fei serve as an inspiration to their peers and upcoming athletes at HELP University. Their success stories highlight the possibilities that come with dedication, hard work, and the right support system. These athletes have set a high standard for future competitors, motivating others to strive for excellence.

The participation of HELP University students in the Perak Open Super Series was marked by notable achievements and personal milestones. Yap Chun Wan’s Bronze Medal in the 200m run and the personal bests achieved by Nah Soon Ann and Chan Tong Fei are significant accomplishments that underscore the athletic talent and potential within HELP University. These successes contribute to the university’s reputation as a nurturing ground for future sports stars and reflect its commitment to fostering athletic excellence. The university community celebrates these achievements and looks forward to more outstanding performances from its athletes in the future.