Dr Goh Chee Leong


Dr Goh Chee Leong's Profile

Dr Goh is the CEO for tertiary at the HELP Education Group, overseeing HELP University and HELP Academy. He was the founding CEO for HELP Education Services, which established two international schools in Malaysia, HELP International School, Kuala Lumpur and Crescendo-HELP International School, Johor Bahru.

He was also Vice President of HELP University and was the founder and Dean of the Faculty of Behavioral Sciences at HELP University, Kuala Lumpur, which houses one of the largest Psychology programs in South East Asia with over 1,400 full time students. There, he lectured in a variety of areas, including Organizational Psychology, Social Psychology, Research Methodology, Human Motivation, Developmental Psychology and Cognitive Psychology.

From 2019 to 2022, he served as Group CEO for the Paramount K12 Education group which has become known as XCL Education, Malaysia which at the time owned and managed Sri KDU Schools, REAL Schools, REAL Kids and Cambridge English for Life.

Dr Goh was the treasurer for the International Union of Psychological Science (IUPsyS), the first Asian to ever hold that position, and was the past President for the ASEAN Regional Union of Psychological Societies (ARUPS). He was the past President of the Malaysian Psychological Association (PSIMA) and has also appointed been appointed the Consultant Psychologist for MENSA Malaysia.

He obtained his PhD in Psychology from the University of Otago, in New Zealand, where he was conferred the Otago Postgraduate Award. Prior to that he completed a first class honors degree in Psychology also at Otago University.

He has served as the project leader for 8 UNICEF projects in Malaysia, including a capacity building project in Tsunami affected communities in Kedah, the development of national child trauma response team, a bully prevention intervention in Malaysian schools and a positive discipline initiative in schools. He is a member of the Ministry of Health’s National Disaster Taskforce for Mental Health that has been commissioned to construct a disaster response protocol for Malaysia. He also headed a research team funded by World Vision to conduct studies on youth psychosocial factors in Timor Leste (East Timor). He has published in the area of memory and eyewitness testimonies among children.

He has served as an external consultant and trainer with Shell, Ogilvy and Mather, Petronas, Maxis, MISC, CIMB, Public Mutual, Prudential, Standard Chartered Bank, Digi, Great Eastern, Kraft, Sime Darby, Bank Negara, Prudential, Hitachi, Mimos, Toyota and BASF. His areas of specialization include the application of psychology to change management, talent management, conflict mediation, customer service, people management, stress management, talent management and leadership.

He was a columnist for parenting issues for Parenthood Magazine (Malaysia and Singapore), has written regularly for the Star on both corporate and family issues and is a regular contributor for BFM. He has conducted numerous workshops for parents around the country. To date over 5,000 parents have attended his parenting sessions.

He has designed and presented courses for the financial service industry for the last 12 years. This includes a program in “EQ (emotional intelligence) for Agents”, for Prudential, a series of programs on “Psychology and Unit Trust” for Public Mutual and a series of workshops on “Psychology and Sales” to CIMB.