Pearsons Excellence Awards Presentation Ceremony

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HELP Academy A-Levels Department recently celebrated a momentous win as fifty-six of their IAL students from their programme had won the Pearson Excellence Awards for 2022. This is in recognition of students that met the following criterion in their 2021 examination, achieving results with a minimum of 3 subjects awarded at Grade A and above. Last year, the A-Levels department won fifteen of the awards.

At the award presentation ceremony, Datuk Dr. Paul Chan, the Vice-Chancellor of HELP University said, “Today is a very important event because it marks another accomplishment and a high level of achievement as a provider of the very successful A-Levels programme, the Pearson A-Levels programme. 

The Guest Speaker, Miss Ng Boon Teen, Head of Business Development, SEA Pearson School Qualifications was invited to speak next and she said, “For year 2021, HELP Academy has produced the most Pearson Edexcel Award winners for the international A-Levels examinations in the APEC Region, with an impressive fifty-six Excellence award winners. In fact, this high number of achievers represents about twenty-one percent of total A-Levels achievers in the APEC Region.

 ‘This is more than any other schools, including some very established schools in Singapore, Japan and Thailand. Congratulations to HELP Academy.’ Miss Ng said that these results are a testament to the hard work that the academic team have put in to ensure that the leaners at HELP Academy achieve excellent results in not one, or two but in at least three subjects, which are the minimum number of subjects required for leaners to progress to undergraduate level. 

In closing, she thanked the academic team for continuously supporting their students and that it is through their efforts and dedication that the students’ results proved that the department’s academic excellence have always been traditionally scored in subjects such as Math and Science.

HELP Academy A-Levels students lining up to receive their award & certificates of appreciation.

The session culminated with the award and certificate of appreciation presentation ceremony to HELP Academy A-Levels students whom were present at the event.

 Deputy Head of the A-Levels Departments, Kimmie Tan said that as a department, they were extremely proud of their students for having achieved these awards. However, at a more personal level, their teachers know these students individually and their pride is more akin to what a parent or a mentor would feel for their charges. We are always rooting for our students, not just while they are studying with us but forwards into their future. We cheer for every milestone they achieve.

On winning the Person Excellence Award, Tan Kimmie said, “It validates our belief in the quality of the education we provide. All of our teachers have many years of teaching experience and we have faith in their abilities as educators. A victory for our students is a victory for their teachers as well. However, we are mindful not to rest on our laurels and strive to give our best to every new cohort of students.”

On the A-Levels students’ success and achievements, Miss Kimmie wished the students all the best in their future endeavours.  She also advised them to never cease to be curious and to always continue to learn.

Why study A-Levels at HELP University?

Why A-Levels @ HELP?

  1. HELP has coached A-Level students to enter the world’s top universities.
  2. Holder of the highest record 101 World Top Awards together with another 37 National Awards.
  3. The first centre in the country to conduct both Edexcel International Advanced Level and Cambridge International A-Levels.
  4. Getting The Edge (GTE) Programme to cultivate leadership and organisational skills among students.
  5. Dedicated Student Placement Centre staff assist A-Level students with admission and Financial Assistance issues
  6. Unique Pastoral Care: each student is assigned to a mentor who monitors and guides him or her on academic performance and provides advice on applications for university admission.
  7. State-of-the-art facilities; Our Curie Science Laboratory is equipped with top quality apparatus and safety features.
  8. Recognized by the QCA, UK and fully accredited by the Malaysian MQA
  9. Winner of 101 World Top Awards for Best Scores Worldwide in Individual Subjects
  10. Winner of 7 Gold Medallion Awards from Pearson Edexcel 2014 for Best Scores in Individual Subjects

Pearson Edexcel International Advanced Level

Edexcel International Advanced Levels is a new suite of A level qualifications developed for international centres. With a modular structure, our new suite of International Advanced Levels has examination windows in January and June of each year, allowing students to finish their course in January if they need to, for entry to local and international universities. Please note Law will continue to be examined in June of each year only.

Cambridge Assessment International Education

  • CAIE is a part of the Cambridge Assessment Group (UCLES) and a not-for-profit organization.
  • Cambridge International AS and A Levels are taken by over 175 000 students in more than 125 countries every year.
  • There are 350 000 entries for Cambridge International A Level annually and growing.

Pearson Excellence Award

In 2021, the Pearson Excellence Awards was introduced to South-East Asia learners in place of the annual Outstanding Pearson Learner Awards (OPLA). This Award recognized learners who achieved excellent results across multiple subjects rather than those achieving the highest marks in one subject.

Close to 1,000 learners across 58 schools in the APAC region were recognized in these inaugural Pearson Excellence Awards.