HELP University Students Receive UQ Scholarships

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Two HELP University students are proud recipients of the UQ-HELP Scholarship Awards this year. Pang Shun Bao and Nur Sabrina Binti Mohamed Aslam received the scholarship to continue their studies at the University of Queensland, Australia this year.

Nur Sabrina Binti Mohamed Aslam is a student from Kuala Lumpur and was enrolled in the Bachelor of Business programme, majoring in International Business. She will be continuing her degree focusing on the same major as in HELP University. “I really feel happy and proud about receiving this award and I honestly didn’t expect it because I know how much a lot of students put a lot of effort for it and also how competitive this scholarship is since a lot of qualified students will be applying. So, when I got the email, it was honestly a surreal moment for me. It will also be an unforgettable moment for me too because as I was reading, I was still shaking and when I got more of the good news, it really was a surreal moment for me.” Said Miss Nur. She received a FULL 100% UQ-HELP Scholarship.

She plans on returning back to Malaysia after graduating from UQ to pursue an Executive or Managerial position in one of the leading banks in the country.  When asked she chose to study at UQ, Miss Nur said: “So for UQ, one of the things I know about them is that they are highly prestigious and well-known all around the world and they give a lot of importance to diversity as well, which is important for an international student like me. And I think it will be a great opportunity for me to be studying in a group of great institution as well.”

For students whom keen on applying for the UQ-HELP Scholarship, Miss Nur advised them to be more pro-active in extracurricular activities aside from the academic scope. She recommended that students broaden their network and enhance their soft skills as this will prove beneficial to them after graduation. When it comes down to the interview, just be yourself and be confident when answering all questions.

Pang Shun Bao is twenty-one years old and lives in Johor Baru. Mr. Bao received a 50% UQ-HELP Scholarship. He is a Bachelor’s of Business student majoring in Finance and he will be continuing his major in UQ, adding Introductory Econometrics and Financial Markets or Institutions, Real Estate Investment and Software Engineering.

Being awarded for the UQ Scholarship means a lot to Mr. Bao because it will help ease his family’s financial burdens. He plans to work as an Investment Analyst in an Investment-related company Tenaga Investment Bank, Citibank or JP Morgan. After the completion of his Bachelor’s degree in UQ, he will return to Malaysia to seek for a stable job, either in Kuala Lumpur or Singapore.

The reason why he chose UQ as the university for his credit transfer programme is mainly due to the campus environment and lifestyle of Brisbane. It is not so hectic compared to Melbourne and Sydney. He also credits the prestigious reputation and high quality education standard of UQ and believes that what he will learn in UQ will become useful for his future career and will allow him to achieve greater achievements in the future. Lastly, he advised students who are interested in applying for the UQ-HELP Scholarship to give it a try because without trying, they will never know if they will succeed or not. His other advice is that students should be more involved in various activities and societies to help improve their chances of success in earning the scholarship.

About HELP University’s Business Programme:

The Faculty of Business, Economics and Accounting is a comprehensive business and hospitality and tourism management school distinguished for the quality of its academic staff, the depth of its programmes, the recognition accorded by world class universities, accreditation from professional bodies and its close links with the industry.


The Bachelor of Business (Hons) programme which allows students to specialise in one of these seven areas: Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Human Resource Management, International Business, Hospitality Management and Marketing. Also offered are Bachelor of Economics (Hons), Bachelor of Management (Hons), Bachelor of Tourism Management and Bachelor of Business Psychology and Diploma in Business programmes.


HELP University is a gateway to many international universities, enabling students to transfer credits to top universities in Australia and the UK, including the University of Queensland, University of Melbourne, Australian National University, Macquarie University, Queensland University of Technology, Cardiff University, University of the West of England, University of Bristol, Queen’s University of Belfast, University of Essex, Bangor University, University of Leeds, University of Liverpool and Dongbei University of Finance & Economics. Furthermore, HELP University is the only university in Malaysia with an exclusive 2+1 credit transfer arrangement with the University of Queensland.

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