HELP University students earn HELP-UWE Scholarships

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Profiles & Highlights

Two HELP University students were recently awarded scholarships to further their studies to the University of the West of England (UWE) in Bristol, UK. They are Claudia Marie Skelchy and Lisha Gan Yennee.

Lisha Gan Yennee is a twenty-one student currently majoring in International Business at HELP. She first heard about the HELP-UWE Scholarship through her SPC (Student Placement Centre) counsellor who explained about all the UK transfer options and UWE was one of them and she then decided to apply for the scholarship. Lisha said she chose UWE because it offers the highest credit transfer options amongst the universities in the UK.

Lisha plans to major in Business and Management when she transfers to UWE in January 2023.  She went on to explained that the degree she chose to pursue in UWE is similar to the one she is pursuing now, which is International Business. This is because the Business and Management degree in UK also touches on a lot of international business concepts such as international finance management and human resource management. Lisha also plans to study Masters’ in Business Analytics, either in UK or at HELP University.

For those thinking of applying for a UK scholarship, especially if they want to go to UWE, Lisha advises the to think about what they want to do in advance. Work a bit harder on your studies and maintain your GPA score to ensure a successful application process. And always remember to consult the friendly staff at the SPC Center for advice on how to earn a scholarship successfully.

Claudia Marie Skelchy is a second year student completing her studies in International Business Management. She chose to study at UWE because she realized that there were not many UK universities affiliated with HELP University, nor did they offer a two-plus-one transfer option unlike UWE. Claudia plans on pursuing her final year studying International Business Management and plan on working in multinational firms, either in Malaysia or abroad.

She said that the reason she chose to study International Business was because after researching at what programmes options were available, she finally decided on studying International Business as it offers a more diverse range of core studies that make up the major itself. She credits Yenny, one of the SPC (Student Placement Centre) consultant for helping to guide her into making the decision.

As for students still on the fence about applying for scholarships at HELP University, Claudia’s advises student to never underestimate themselves because there are always plenty of options outside of your chosen field of study to excel in. “You may not be as smart or as gifted in academics unlike your peers but if you could do things could contribute to the community, that makes you stand out more because you are not just smart, you are not just book smart but you are street smart as well.” She said. In parting, she also suggests that students be more involved in non-academic activities in and out of school to help them make a better impression when being interviewed for their scholarship.

The Faculty of Business, Economics and Accounting

The Faculty of Business, Economics and Accounting is a comprehensive business and hospitality and tourism management school distinguished for the quality of its academic staff, the depth of its programmes, the recognition accorded by world class universities, accreditation from professional bodies and its close links with the industry. It was formed in 1986 at the inception of HELP in the same year.

The faculty offers honours degree programmes in Accounting, Finance, Economics, Business Analytics, Entrepreneurship, Management, Human Resource Management, International Business, Marketing, Hospitality Management, Tourism Management and Business Psychology, and the Diploma in Business. These programmes provide attractive and flexible credit transfer programmes to Australia and the UK.

Our students have won numerous scholarships from top universities such as UQ, Melbourne, ANU, UNSW, Macquarie, Cardiff, Essex, University of the West of England, among others.


HELP University is a gateway to many international universities, enabling students to transfer credits to top universities in Australia and the UK, including the University of Queensland, University of Melbourne, Australian National University, Macquarie University, Queensland University of Technology, Cardiff University, University of the West of England, University of Bristol, Queen’s University of Belfast, University of Essex, Bangor University, University of Leeds, University of Liverpool and Dongbei University of Finance & Economics. Furthermore, HELP University is the only university in Malaysia with an exclusive 2+1 credit transfer arrangement with the University of Queensland.

HELP University’s Student Placement Centre (SPC)

Located in Wisma ELM and HELP Subang2 campus, SPC Student Placement Centre (SPC) is a one-stop centre to help you consult on various issues, concerns and requirements on

  • Universities in Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand and other countries
  • Detailed information on entry requirements
  • English language proficiency requirements
  • Estimated cost of studying abroad: tuition fees and living expenses
  • Overview of the university/college application process
  • Recommendations for overseas accommodation
  • Visa requirements and documentation
  • Flight reservations
  • Pre-departure briefings

Application fees to universities may be waived if applications are made through the HELP Student Placement Centre.  To contact SPC, call 03-2716 2000 or email:

**For more information on how to apply for the HELP University-UWE Scholarship, please enquire with SPC or the Business Programme department.