Vibrant Student Life

Our full and exciting campus experience will help you find your joy of life and passion


A Vibrant Student Life

The student life is one of the most precious experiences in life: you make friends, you learn new things, you have new experiences, you explore your possibilities as well as the possibilities that life has in store. 

In this time you will likely sharpen your passions, your values, your broad assumptions and also pick up the skills and habits that you will bring along with you into the future.

HELP is fully aware of this and has put in a lot of effort to ensure that your student life is vibrant and passion-filled with great experiences.

Over 50 Masterclasses and Workshops

HELP organises numerous masterclasses and workshops that all our students can freely benefit from. Here are just a few to help you get a feel of what we have in store:

Helping you get FIT

  • get coaching from a national badminton player
  • get fitness tips from a SEA Games gold medalist
  • Muay Thai, Zumba, Yoga, Archery

Helping you become a CREATOR

  • learn how to be a digital creator from a real influencer/KOL K-Pop:  Dance, Singing, Music Recording, Podcasting, Movie Editing, Acting, Stand Up Comedy, Cooking

Exciting Clubs and Societies, Competitions, and Campus-wide Extravaganzas to take part in.

  • Over 30 sports leagues and competitions throughout the year including: E-sports, football, futsal, badminton, ultimate frisbee, basketball, pool, swimming, athletics, rugby, cricket, pickle ball, chess, go.
  • Weekly Stress Busters and Student Mixers every Friday night
  • Over 10 inter-departmental competitions including: Sports carnival, Gasing Hill Trekathon, Phone Quiz, Poetry Slam, Debates, Musicals, Amazing Race.
  • Over 25 university parties and extravaganzas including: Mid-autumn Festival, Korean Festival, International Food and Culture Week, Valentine’s Day Enchanted Ball, Annual Musical and Drama Production, Short Film Festival, Charity Bazaar, New Year’s Countdown Party, Fun Run, HELP Fringe Festival
  • More than 100 clubs and societies