Enhancing Your Campus Experience: What HELP University Achieved for You

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Campus Events

Hey HELPians!

We heard your feedback and worked hard to make our campus the ultimate spot for you to hang out, study, make friends, and have a blast. Here’s what we did to improve campus life:

Fun and Games

  • New Pool Table and Arcade Machine: We installed these for free student use, perfect for unwinding between classes.
  • Upgraded Music Room: We purchased new instruments and equipment, so you could jam out with top-notch gear.

Get Fit, Stay Active

  • On-Campus Gym at Subang 2: We introduced a new gym with all the equipment you needed to stay fit.
  • Shower and Changing Rooms: We provided convenient facilities for gym-goers to freshen up after a workout.

Stay Connected

  • Charging Stations: We added more spots to charge your smartphones and tablets around campus.

Learn and Grow

  • Free Workshops: We offered a variety of educational and skill-building sessions for all students.
  • Open-Mic Sessions: We gave you a platform to show off your talent and creativity on stage.
  • Social Sports Leagues: We organized regular sports activities to help you stay active and make new friends.

Expand Your Horizons

  • Attend More Conferences: We gave you access to events like the PEACE Building Conference and others to boost your learning and networking.
  • Compete Externally (Non-Sports): We enabled your participation in events like the Springboard Challenge, Public Speaking Competition, and National Debate Competition.
  • Clubs and Societies: We increased the number of clubs and societies to 92 for you to join!

Makan Makan

We know you guys are always hungry and are looking for food…

  • Variety of Food Trucks and Kiosks: Diverse food options now available.
  • In-House Cafe closes at 6pm: Extended hours for greater convenience.
  • New Vending Machines (FamilyMart & Taobin): Increased snack and drink options.
  • AI 24-Hour Convenience Store (Panas Express): Access to food any time of day.
  • Installation of Microwaves: Facilities to heat food, ensuring hot meals.

Achievements and Opportunities

  • 4x100m Men’s Relay: Our team broke the 42-second barrier, making us the first private university to do so and ranked in the top 3 among all universities in Malaysia!
  • More Scholarships: We increased the number of scholarship recipients, making it easier for more students to get financial help.

Stay Updated with StudentLife Website

We launched a new StudentLife website to be your go-to hub for all things campus-related. It was super easy to use:

  1. Login: You used your student ID and password to access the site securely.
  2. Navigate: You found info on events, schedules, resources, and more through the HLMS interface.
  3. Engage: You signed up for campus activities, registered for events, and stayed in the loop with all campus news.

We always aimed to make your university experience the best it could be. Thanks for being a part of it!