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January 4, February 15, March 29, May 10, June 28, August 9, September 20, November 1

HELP Subang 2

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Faculty of Education and Languages

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Module-specific (See below)

About this course

The Certificate of Attendance-Intensive English (CoA-IE) offered through the Department of American Degree Transfer Programme (ADTP) (Liberal Arts) is designed to allow international students to become more proficient in English while gaining additional academic and career skills.

This unique programme integrates learner-centered English language classroom instruction with student mentoring and intercultural activities. Students are given enriching learning opportunities for inquiry, exploration, investigation and communication. The programme includes many direct participatory experiences, outdoor activities, field trips and daily interaction with students from Malaysia and 59 other countries in HELP’s community.

For more information on entry requirements, programme pathways, subjects listing and to get to know the faculty, please download our brochure.

Total Course Fees

RM 1,500 Per Level Application
RM300 Application Fee
RM200 Admin Fee
RM500 Resource Fee

Subject Listing

IE 091 INTENSIVE ENGLISH 1 | ‘KPT/JPS (R/KJP/00317) 10/21

This is a basic level specially designed for students with no basic knowledge of English. It introduces the students to the fundamentals of grammar and the four language skills – reading, writing, speaking and listening. Students will receive 20 hours of classroom teaching per week focusing on grammar, vocabulary and the four language skills. In addition, students are given 5 hours of one-to-one consultation with their lecturers per week.

IE 092 INTENSIVE ENGLISH 2 | KPT/JPS (R/KJP/00318) 10/21

IE 092, which is an elementary course, provides a foundation in the structure of the language, thus, further building students’ understanding of basic grammar, vocabulary and functions of English. Just as in IE 091, students doing IE 092 get 20 hours of classroom teaching per week focusing on similar aspects of the language. In addition, students are given 5 hours of one-to-one consultation with the lecturers.

IE 093 INTENSIVE ENGLISH 3 | KPT/JPS (R/KJP/00319) 10/21

This is a pre-intermediate level course which focuses on developing a strong foundation for English through continued emphasis on the four language skills. In addition to 20 hours of classroom learning per week, students attend 5 hours of one-to-one consultation with the lecturers per week.

IE 094 INTENSIVE ENGLISH 4 | KPT/JPS (R/KJP/00320) 10/21

This is an intermediate level course, which follows on from the strong foundations laid in Intensive English 3. Just as in IE 093, students receive 20 hours of classroom contact per week in the course. The 5 hours of one-to-one consultation with the respective lecturers per week provides an avenue for students to practice and enhance their speaking skills. At this level, students not only engage in language activities such as debates but also in writing reviews.

IE 095 INTENSIVE ENGLISH 5 | KPT/JPS (R/KJP/00321) 10/21

This is an upper-intermediate level course that helps students to further develop their ability to use English to communicate effectively. At this level, students not only learn and use English in context but also embark on different types of essay writing namely expository. In addition to the 5 hours of one-to-one consultation, students undergo 20 hours of classroom contact per week in the course. The consultation hours provide opportunities for students to apply and improve their language skills.

IE 096 INTENSIVE ENGLISH 6 | KPT/JPS (R/KJP/00322) 10/21

This is an advanced course designed for students who can cope with most text-types including business-related articles. It also covers vital aspects of grammar and vocabulary used in real life settings and provides a forum for practicing presentations. Students get to develop and practice their writing skills which are mainly expository in nature. In addition, students also embark on summary writing skills, and are required to present a project paper. This level prepares students with the kind of language skills required in pursuing a tertiary course. Just as all the levels, students undergo 20 hours of classroom teaching in addition to the 5 hours of one-to-one consultation per week.


Student achievement is assessed regularly with a combination of assessment methods. These include quizzes, assignments, oral presentations, final examinations and class participation. Advancement from one level to a higher level in the Intensive English Programme is determined by the students’ final grades. A minimum grade of “PS2” must be obtained.

Entry Requirements

Applicants must have one of the following Entry requirements:

  • Age
    at least 16 years


Students enrolling into the IEP are required to take a placement test. HELP uses the online Oxford Placement test to assess the students’ English Language proficiency in Reading and Writing Skills, Listening Comprehension, Grammar and Vocabulary. The purpose of the test is to place students in a course that is suited to their level of proficiency in the language.

A fee of RM100 is charged for the test for any non-HELP students and the receipt of payment must be produced before taking the test.

*** The Placement Test is only valid for six (6 months). If you do not register within six (6) months for the course, you will be required to retake the Placement Test.

Faculty of Education & Languages