Bachelor of Information Technology (Honours) (2U 1I) (Work-based learning)

3 years

Applicable to all intakes

HELP Subang 2

Level of Study:

Faculty of Computing and Digital Technology

Course Code:

About this course

WBL (Work-based learning) is a platform that provides students with opportunities to undertake units of study for which credit is awarded though work placements. Students can develop industry specific skills and knowledge from the workplace environment – this will help them to meet the learning outcomes of their programme. Through WBL, students should also be able to develop and enhance their employability skills and be provided with a range of opportunities relevant to employability and career development.

Within the context of the BIT (Hons), students may spend at least two years studying at HELP and one year at work placement.

Advantages of WBL

  • foster learning autonomy, self-development, self-appraisal and synthesis theory with practice
  • develop specialist knowledge and skills by using the workplace as a context for project-based or practice evidenced learning
  • obtain an understanding of employment opportunities ad responsibilities through direct on-the-job experience
  • develop employability skills
  • obtain WBL that can lead to full-time employment after graduation
  • enhance professional development and future career paths
  • develop a greater sense of responsibility and work habits necessary for individual maturity and job competency

Subject Listing

  • Final Year Project I
  • Final Year Project II
  • Industrial Internship
  • Business Development Plan
  • IT Project Management
  • Computer Ethics and Cybersecurity
  • Web Technologies
  • Mobile Application Development

Entry Requirements

While the WBL is optional, placement will depend on:

  • the student’s CGPA
  • approval from academic department (interview process)
  • availability of places
  • acceptance from the organisation (interview process)
  • completion of ALL Year 1 & 2 subjects (including the five MPU subjects)


The students will be required to have regular contact with their academic supervisors (approx 30 mins per subject per week), and they can access the subject content on the e-learning site.

Some of the subjects require presentations and reports; some require reports and exams.

Normally allowances are paid to students – however, the quantum will vary from organisation to organisation.

As this WBL is part of their academic programme of study, the students will need to pay tuition fees for the subjects that they are enrolled in. They will not need to pay the resource fee.

The WBL is a mechanism to enhance graduate employability and is provided as an optional pathway. The students can opt to continue to study at the University.

Students have to adhere to the organisation’s practices and procedures.

Depending on the recommendations from the student’s WBL coach and academic supervisor, the student may have to enroll in the subject again and resubmit his/her assessment items whilst at the WBL organisation; or he/she may have to return to the University to study the subject.

He/she will need to return to the University to continue his/her studies.

Students must complete all graduating requirements.

Why Computing & Digital Technology @ HELP?

  • Low lecturer-student ratio
  • Industry endorsed programmes – Robust linkages with the industry to provide internships for undergraduates and graduates
  • Great career prospects – 99.99% employability for graduates. Our graduates have been employed by Accenture, Shell, Astro, Star, Maxis, HP, Intel, Citibank, IBM, etc.
  • ..and many more