The Difference between IT and Computer Science

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The study of IT and Computer Science are two different areas under the same industry. These similarities can make it hard to distinguish between the two of them, especially when deciding which one to pursue for your further education. While both IT and Computer Science deal extensively with computers, the specializations, education, and job opportunities available to graduates of the two courses can differ.

Generally, computer science refers to designing and building computers and computer programs. Information technology, on the other hand, refers to maintaining and troubleshooting those computers and their networks, systems, and databases to ensure they run smoothly.

Truth of the matter is, there is no such thing as “better” because they lead to different careers and have different specialisations or subfields. Either discipline is a great choice for your studies, as long as you’re passionate about technology, and you understand what each study option implies.

Which Is More Difficult Computer Science or Information Technology?

A degree in computer science is required for more advanced positions in the information technology field. It is typically harder to get a job in computer science.

IT has more subjects as they can go to Hardware, Networking, Telecommunications, software and many more. In CS you will be aware of Software, Hardware, Networking. Information Technology graduates have a broader scope of knowledge which may open up more available jobs both here and abroad. On the other hand, a degree in Computer Science might have a higher salary to offer but along with better compensation comes higher expectations regarding your skills.

A major difference between Information Technology versus Computer Science is how a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science takes a more focused approach towards the mathematical and scientific skillsets needed to program apps and processes that improve operations and provide innovative solutions to both colleagues and clients alike.

 “The difference between Computer Science and IT is like Engineering and Physics.” Said Dr. Tang U-Liang, the Head of the IT Programmme Department in HELP University. “You go into university to study Physics, which is a pure subject, an academic subject; whereas, you study Engineering, it is an applied subject.” You use Physics to solve problems and like electrical engineering. So, IT is the same thing. You can study Computer Science like an academic subject but then in IT, you apply all the computing principles to solve problems.”

Dr. Tang said that in terms of career progression, both IT and Computer Science are quite similar.

The clear winner of which one is better really boils down to your own personal preferences, career goals, and priorities. If you prefer the peace of mind that you will have more employment opportunities, then perhaps you are more suited for the versatility of an Information Technology degree. On the other hand, students that have a very clear specialization in computer science that they wish to pursue such as AI building, programming, and hardware design, then a degree in Computer Science is the best choice for you.

HELP University offers:

  • The Diploma in Information Technology
  •  Bachelor in Information Technology (Hons)
  • Bachelor in Information Technology (2UII) (Work based learning)
  • Bachelor in Information Technology (Data Analytics)
  • Masters in Information Technology. I

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