Sangeeta Kaur

Empathetic Psychology Graduate & Counseling Master's Holder Championing Mental Health Enlightenment

Studied Psychology at HELP

Sangeeta Kaur's Profile

Dr. Sangeeta Kaur’s journey since her 2010 graduation with a master’s degree in Counseling from HELP University has been both fulfilling and enriching. She embarked on a mission to promote mental health awareness and provide essential support to those in need.

Initially drawn to counseling by her profound interest in understanding and helping people navigate their mental and emotional challenges, Dr. Kaur’s fascination with the complexities of the human mind led her to pursue a path of making a positive impact on individuals struggling with mental health issues.

During her master’s programme at HELP University, Dr. Kaur’s perception of her field evolved significantly. “I gained a deep understanding of mental health, various disorders, their causes, symptoms, and evidence-based treatments. This knowledge empowered me to approach mental health issues with greater empathy and competence.”said Dr. Kaur.

Dr. Kaur realized the paramount importance of empathy and active listening in the counseling process. She found that truly listening to clients without judgment and showing empathy can be immensely therapeutic and healing.

Throughout her academic journey and career, Dr. Kaur became acutely aware of the stigma surrounding mental health issues in society. This motivated her to become an advocate for mental health awareness and work toward reducing this stigma.

Dr. Kaur’s education also made her more mindful of her thoughts and emotions, enhancing her empathy and self-reflection. This personal growth was especially significant as she balanced her studies with motherhood.

She developed a strong interest in Developmental Psychology, Existential and Reality Therapy, as well as interventions like drama and art therapy. Dr. Kaur explained, “These experiences deepened my understanding of human development and the need to reduce bias.”


Dr. Kaur believes successful counselors today should possess key skills such as empathy, communication, non-judgmental attitudes, flexibility, adaptability, and ethical professionalism.

Her commitment led to the establishment of Emerging Journey Asia (EJAsia) and over a decade of work in the field. EJAsia became a platform for leaders, businesses, and government entities to co-develop modules and mental health programs to prevent mental health issues from escalating into illness.

Dr. Kaur has consulted with numerous clients through EJAsia, offering them guidance in coping with their mental health challenges. She actively advocates for mental health awareness in Malaysia, collaborating with various entities like the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), Agensi Kaunselling & Pengurusan Kredit (AKPK), and SAITO University. She also partners with APU University to train talents in their respective fields and disseminates mental health information through government channels.

Since 2019, Dr. Kaur has assisted various departments and agencies under the Ministry of Human Resources, Ministry of Health, and Ministry of Youth and Sports, emphasizing the need for Mental Health Professionals to support both employers and employees holistically.

Dr. Kaur’s advocacy extends to reducing the stigma surrounding mental health issues in Malaysia, including her involvement with Yayasan Health on World (YHOW), collaborating with the Ministry of Health and the National Center of Excellence Mental Health.

“For aspiring counsellors,” Dr. Kaur advises, “cultivate a genuine passion for helping others, commit to lifelong learning, seek experienced mentors, maintain ethical standards, and prioritize self-care due to the emotional demands of counseling.”

Emerging Journey Asia (EJAsia), founded by Dr. Kaur in 2006, is dedicated to promoting mental health awareness and well-being in Malaysia. With over 17 years of experience, the organization collaborates with businesses, leaders, and government entities to develop programs addressing mental health concerns.

EJAsia offers:

  • Counseling Services: Providing professional counseling services for individuals dealing with mental health challenges in a safe and confidential environment.
  • Corporate Mental Health Program: Collaborating with businesses to create supportive, stigma-free workplaces that prioritize employee mental well-being.
  • Government Partnership: Working closely with government agencies to develop mental health awareness campaigns and policies.
  • Community Outreach: Engaging with communities through workshops, seminars, and awareness campaigns to educate the public about mental health.
  • Research and Advocacy: Advancing the field of mental health through research and advocacy, advocating for policies that prioritize mental health.

Emerging Journey Asia’s dedication to promoting mental health awareness, reducing stigma, and providing valuable support reflects their belief in the fundamental importance of mental well-being in overall health and happiness.