Choo Xin Jun

Xin Jun Choo: A Fusion of Beauty and Intelligence in the Spotlight of the Face Malaysia 2023

Studied Psychology at HELP

Choo Xin Jun's Profile

The concept of beauty with brains refers to the idea that a contestant should not only possess physical beauty but also have intelligence, wit, and a strong personality. As a Psychology graduate major, Xin Jun Choo personifies said concept by not only graduating with a degree in the study of human behaviour but also winning the Face of Malaysia 2023.

When Xin Jun Choo made the critical decision to major in Psychology, she meticulously evaluated the pros and cons, driven by the question of whether this choice would serve as a sustainable long-term career path. She believes in breaking free from the notion that your degree must strictly dictate your career trajectory. Xin Jun emphasizes that Psychology is a beautiful subject that equips students with lifelong, relatable skills. However, she also acknowledges the financial challenges her middle-income parents faced in supporting her pursuit of a degree at HELP University.

Fast forward to today, Miss Xin Jun is embarking on an unconventional ‘career’ path—one she has actively pursued over nine years ago. She reflects on her journey, emphasizing the paramount importance of self-acceptance. In a society where opinions on physical appearance vary widely, particularly in the modelling world, she underscores the superficial nature of labels like ‘fat,’ ‘slim,’ ‘ugly,’ ‘pretty,’ ‘handsome,’ and ‘sexy.’ These are mere words used to categorize people and should never be the basis for judgment, according to Miss Xin.

“The relentless pursuit of unrealistic beauty standards persists in today’s world’, said Miss Xin. She recalled an incident involving one of her model friends, who faced harsh criticism from a judge for being ‘too fat,’ despite maintaining a healthy body size. Witnessing the detrimental impact this cold judgment had on her friend’s self-esteem reinforced Xin Jun’s belief in the significance of self-acceptance. It serves as a poignant reminder that we should always exercise mindfulness in our words and actions, for one should never judge a book by its cover.

“Contemporary media has wielded significant influence in shaping our perceptions of beauty standards. We have witnessed a shift in the portrayal of ideal beauty, moving away from the era of the stick-thin model towards embracing full-figure models and advocating for inclusivity, irrespective of age, size, or gender orientation.”

Xin Jun Choo serves as a prominent reminder that self-acceptance is the cornerstone of personal growth. By embracing ourselves, we pave the way to embrace others, a fundamental aspect of our human journey. Education emerges as a pivotal catalyst in this voyage of self-discovery, exerting its profound influence during our formative years. When we instil values of equality and respect in the young minds we nurture, we sow the seeds of a more inclusive future. Eminent psychologists tirelessly dedicate themselves to unravelling the intricate factors that shape self-esteem, mental well-being, and overall life satisfaction. Their relentless efforts bear fruit when we wholeheartedly engage with their research and apply their insights to enrich our lives.