Many people can claim that their university life has always left a lasting impression on them. For Azwin Andy (Azwin), it was the campus environment and the people, including the lecturers during his days at HELP, that have made a mark on who he is today. “It was the different personalities that made it all interesting and probably made me want to meet more people and fascinating characters today. This desire to always want to meet new people is a part of me that I have constantly kept developing”, Azwin said.

It was his desire to constantly develop himself that attracted him to study Business Administration through HELP because he felt it offered an encompassing myriad of topics, not limited to just the study of Business, but also Law and IT. Topics of studies that proved useful to him daily. His exemplary character-building continued further when he was a former drummer in a local band, and this helped shape his approach towards engaging in people, situations, and environments in a more open and approachable manner.

“My time spent being in a band, taught me how to work in a team – whether in a project team in university or in corporate, one needs to have that synergy to get along and get things together. A life lesson that I can relate to my role today”, added Azwin.

His desire to create a synergy for sustainable cohesion in people’s lives coincided with his role as Head of Product Marketing and Sustainability for Touch ‘n Go eWallet. A role which always gets him excited and satisfied when he is on the cusp of delivering a new product or message that successfully meets the market demands needs and desires. Although he confesses that sustainability is a role still completely new to him, he credits this as a constant learning journey that should be a lifestyle, rather than just a practice.

One of Azwin’s proudest moments was when he was involved in the Mission GreenPossible project, a donation drive to grow a virtual tree in-app to plant actual trees in Malaysia, whereby it brings Malaysians, the Ministry and its supporting entities and the eWallet together to support the ESG agenda. A flagship project dear to his heart as it was crafted and spearheaded by his former leader, Izra Izzuddin. Currently, Azwin’s role provides him with the added reward of helping those in need while marketing innovative Fintech products that leaves nothing short of positive compliments from the public and industry.

He hopes that the trend of sustainability will supersede merely crafting business policies and products towards envisioning sustainable nation and environment with the boom of electric vehicles and even flying cars in space.

And while he still dreams of one day navigating the cosmos, he ensures that he is always in top form in managing his teams and the stakeholders by being true to himself, speaking with integrity and ensuring that everyone succeeds. At the end of the day, Azwin aims to continue to work hard and play hard and plans to continue to stay relevant on social media channels and the people around him to keep up with the trends. In his words, Azwin said that “Live life without regrets”, is what he advices anyone reading his profile.