Aaron Sarma

Trailblazing International Business Graduate Turned Entrepreneur, Visionary Venture Capitalist, and Green Pioneer

Studied Business at HELP

Aaron Sarma's Profile

Embarking on an academic odyssey at HELP University, Aaron Sarma embodied the ethos of dreaming big and living large right from the moment he crossed its threshold. Armed with ambition, he delved into the International Business program at ELM, finding the modular courses exceptionally enthralling.

Aaron fondly reminisces, “HELP University’s approach of bringing in lecturers from around the globe added an extra layer of richness to my learning experience.”

Post-graduation, Aaron’s journey unfolded through the realms of entrepreneurship, meandering through diverse roles in retail, artist management, sales, and even a stint as a door-to-door seller. However, his entrepreneurial tale took a transformative twist in 2010 when he plunged into the E-commerce realm, ultimately birthing his own company.

In 2015, Aaron founded Touristly, later rebranded as Vidi, a venture that soared to new heights and was eventually acquired by AirAsia in 2017. Within the group, he played pivotal roles, shaping ventures like travel3Sixty and BigLife, eventually serving as the Founding Director and COO of AirAsia Superapp. His leadership and strategic vision were the driving forces behind these successes, culminating in the eventual sale of his business to AirAsia.

Aaron’s trajectory continued to ascend as he joined the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation, contributing significantly to national strategy papers. His insights and experience proved invaluable in shaping the digital landscape of the country. Aaron proudly shared, “I’ve worked with companies like Petronas’ clean energy solutions, transforming their digital solutions for team management and customer-facing platforms, consulting on energy management solutions.”

Presently, acting as a General Partner at ScaleUp Malaysia,  Aaron has played a pivotal role in propelling the growth of numerous companies. Through ScaleUp Malaysia, he oversees the selection and nurturing of promising startups, guiding them through an intensive three-month program culminating in an investment committee panel. His strategic leadership has resulted in the investment in 38 companies, showcasing his keen eye for potential and commitment to fostering business growth.

Beyond these ventures, Aaron co-founded Remote Ventures, a venture studio where he mentors and guides new entrepreneurs from conception to reality. His commitment to innovation extends to his work at Gentari, developing the green mobility digital ecosystem. Actively seeking collaborations in areas such as EV Charging Stations, Fleet Management, Energy Management, Green lifestyle, and Carbon Credits, Aaron emphasized, “Energy is a currency, and mastering its flow alongside digital impacts is key to developing effective solutions.”

His work at Gentari, has already witnessed the launch of a roaming solution for EV drivers and a successful subscription solution test, underscoring his commitment to fast, customer-focused, and data-driven product development.

Aaron’s influence transcends his immediate professional circles, marking him as a thought leader in the tech entrepreneurship space. Recognized as one of Asia’s most influential figures in tech entrepreneurship, he is a regular speaker at colleges, universities, and corporate events. Aaron also shares his learnings in entrepreneurship and innovation through a regular newsletter and frequently imparts his experiences and insights in the media and publications such as Astro Awani, BFM89.9, Digital News Asia, The Edge, The Star, e27, TechInAsia, Technode Global, and KrAsia.

Reflecting on his entrepreneurial journey, Aaron acknowledged the hurdles from raising capital to earning trust. “Success is never a straight path,” he emphasized. “Embrace challenges, adapt, and don’t fear failure. It’s an integral part of the journey.”

Looking ahead, Aaron exudes excitement as he observes a new generation of entrepreneurs entering the business world with vigor. His counsel to aspiring business owners is pragmatic – secure investment wisely, embrace change, and harness the digital potential of networks.

To HELP students dreaming of building global conglomerates, Aaron passionately urges them to, “Dream big, don’t be shy, and never stop learning. The rules of business are ever-changing, so stay adaptable. There are no shortcuts – put in the work and the hours, and success will follow.”

With these words, Aaron Sarma continues to kindle the flames of ambition, inspiring the next wave of dynamic and fearless entrepreneurs.