Damai Apartment

Damai Apartment is the nearest apartment in the vicinity of the HELP University Subang 2 campus. Due to its close proximity, students can enjoy the great convenience of walking home from campus at ease.



  • Room Area
    Bed and mattress, wardrobe, study desk, air-conditioner, fan

    Common Area
    Wifi, water filter, washing machine, refrigerator, cooking stove

  • Maid cleaning service (2 times a week), regular maintenance

  • Single Room
    RM500-RM800 (per pax)

    Twin Sharing Room
    RM550-RM600 (per pax)

    Triple Sharing Room
    RM450 (per pax)

  • Mobile: +6011 1614 4288 /  +6018 389 9897
    Email: petewongasia@gmail.com / petersubang@gmail.com
    Address: 3, Jalan Dalwu U5/98, Taman Subang Idaman, 40150 Subang Jaya, Selangor