How TEA prepares you to be “FutureREady”

Professor Datuk Dr. Paul Chan, the Vice-Chancellor of HELP University addressing the 2019 HELP University SASA students.

By Lim Vin Tsen

Professor Datuk Dr. Paul Chan, the Vice Chancellor of HELP University recently addressed HELP University’s 2019 batch of SASA ( School Achiever Scholarship Awards)) students in a short meet-and-greet meeting. HELP University‘s Mission Statement, to help people succeed in life and to live a life of significance through education is reflected in the SASA awards given out annually since 2005. These scholarships are given to students with outstanding academic and co-curricular activities so they can pursue undergraduate programmes at HELP University.

Datuk Paul spoke to the students about the importance of living a life of significance. “What it is to have a meaningful day or date?”, he asked the students. He also asked the students, “What defines a particular moment in your life?”.
While the students pondered over these questions, Datuk Paul showed them highlights from this year’s Convocation ceremony held in April 2019 to point out that for the graduates at that point in time, it was their meaningful and particular moment in their lives and hoped to see all of the SASA students at their Convocation in the future.
Datuk Paul continued his sharing session by emphasizing to the students the importance of developing their soft skills that will continue to change in the next five to ten years. “You must continue to build your character while studying here at HELP”, said Datuk Paul, “As well as your leadership, competency and professional development as well.”

He went on to say that this was why HELP University is determined to create the future of the Analytics Generation and to ensure that students such as themselves are future-ready to take on the world. In light of the university’s determination to prepare HELP students to be future ready in the dawn of data analytics, Datuk Paul announced that HELP has been officially awarded the title of Premier Digital Tech University by MDEC (Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation) (MDEC).

This recognition by MDEC, the Premier Digital Tech University status is awarded to HELP for its qualifications and commitment in offering data analytical digital technology courses in Malaysia. This recognition is a result of providing the students with intensive and special training in the digital technology sector to ensure that HELP students continue to grow and fill future digital job demands locally and globally.

Professor Datuk Dr. Paul Chan with the 2019 HELP SASA students.

Datuk Paul then showed the students slides of the upcoming Green Technology campus that will be located in the Subang2 campus. The new building will imbue the concept of the tropical rainforest as its principal theme while key elements such as open corridors, a swimming pool, cross ventilation, rainwater harvesting, energy efficient lighting, use of recycled materials, sunlight shading and harvesting of natural daylight will be incorporated throughout the new campus. In a recent interview, two SASA students, Preetyjeet Kaur Deol, the SASA Student President and Crsytal Angel Yong, were asked several questions on what it was like to be a HELP SASA student as well as their comments on what was shared with Datuk Paul during the talk.

Preetyjeet Kaur Deol is 18 years old and a former secondary student of SMK Convent Bukit Nanas. She was a perfect and a top scorer for her SPM. She is currently enrolled as an A-Levels student at HELP Academy and plans to pursue her degree in Law. “My experiences in SASA has honestly been incredible,” said Preetyjet.

“The other SASA students are extremely friendly and I interact well with others and enjoy networking with new people. I have found that my ability to meet new people is a trait that makes every charity home visit to be enjoyable. Being SASA President is not an easy task but with the help of my fellow committee members, things are running smoothly.”

As for being FutureREady, Preetyjey said,” I believe there are a few things that makes a student ready after graduation. Firstly, critical thinking and problem-solving. Secondly, collaboration across networks and leading by influence. Moreover, agility and adaptability. I also believe initiative by every student is important as technology is rapidly developing in the 21st century.

Social challenges also require individuals especially fresh graduates to have good oral and writing abilities. In the future, accessing and analyzing information is very much needed as it was also mentioned by Dr Paul. Lastly, curiosity and imagination which allows students to think out of the box.”

Crystal Angel Yong, a high-school graduate from SMK St Francis Convent (M), Kota Kinabalu, Sabah and also a top scorer in her SPM, is also doing her A-Levels with subject combination of English Literature, Law, Economy and Accounts. “Being a SASA student has been very rewarding indeed,” said Crystal. The programme has allowed me to be involved in activities that I strongly believe in plus it provided me with many opportunities for self-growth and improvement. I am also facing personal challenges such as being homesick and having to cope away from home.”
As for being FutureREdy, Crystal believes that confidence and Individuality is the key to survive the harsh reality of the working world. If one does not want to get lost in the rat-race, one must always ask yourself, “How do you want to be remembered?”.

About the HELP University SASA Student Programme:
HELP University currently has close to eighty SASA recipients inclusive of the CISS group for 2019. As part of their obligations, they have been participating in social out-reach activities, talks and leadership workshops as part of their nurturing programmes. They have been engaged in acts of kindness, dubbed as “Giving back to society” with their donation drive and visits to children’s home since January.