APEL.Q is designed for:

  • Promoting lifelong learning through the recognition of prior experiential learning in the workplace, including formal, informal and non-formal education and training
  • Ensuring greater equality of access, recognition, opportunity and practice in career progression
  • Widening and deepening access to programs of study through the award of the academic qualifications based on the recognition of prior experiential learning

The Benefits:

  • Facilitates access to higher education for ‘non-traditional’ students
  • Acknowledges and validates prior learning
  • Accelerates the time to earn a qualification
  • Learning as a lifelong process

4 Stages of Assessment

  • Portfolio, Field & Validation Visit, Challenge Test and Capstone

(Please see Assessment Process for further details)

Appointed Advisor for Each Learner​

  • To guide the learner throughout the entire APEL.Q journey

HELP APEL.Q Programs

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The eligibility for employment or to pursue a postgraduate degree upon the completion of this programme is wholly subject to the respective terms and conditions of the parties concerned. In brief, recognition by employers, higher education institutions, professional bodies, governments or government authorities will be subject to their policies, rules and regulations which HELP University has no control or jurisdiction.