The Real American Education Experience

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For those looking to live the American Dream, there is no better way to experience first-hand American education than in the American Degree Transfer Program (ADTP) offered by the Department of American and Canadian Education (ACE) at HELP University. You will get an immersive learning experience through involvement in group projects, role-playing exercises, assignments, presentations and field trips. Gone is the obsession with passing exams as ADTP students are exposed to an all-rounded syllabus that sparks their critical thinking, creativity, communication skills and collaborative abilities.

Why study ADTP at HELP University?

The United States and Canada have always been the top choice destinations for studying abroad. The journey begins with a two-year study at HELP’s ACE Department that prepares them for their undergraduate life in North America. Students will then transfer to the United States or Canada to complete their degree in their university of choice. With more than one hundred universities in the USA and Canada to choose from, ADTP students are truly spoiled for choice.

HELP University’s ADTP emphasizes a unique learning style based on the liberal arts curriculum that promotes academic freedom and continuous learning rather than depending solely on exams. “As a product of the HELP ADTP and the American university system myself, I have thoroughly benefited from such a holistic learning style”, said Dr Lim Eu Kit, head of the Department of American and Canadian Education at HELP University. “That is why when students choose the liberal arts curriculum, they are encouraged to enrol in courses outside their chosen major.

“My experiences as an ADTP student have given me the freedom to go beyond the classroom as I explored various historical places of worship, searched for distant planets through a telescope, and grappled with complex ethical dilemmas while watching sci-fi television. Indeed, HELP’s ADTP students are constantly stepping out of their comfort zone and developing into well-rounded, future-proof individuals,” added Dr Lim.

Students do not need to declare a major until they are ready to do so. Even after choosing a major, students can easily “change lanes” and switch to another major without losing any credits. When they are finally ready to embark on the next step of their academic journey in the North American continent, the choice of majors is limited only by the student’s imagination.

HELP’s ADTP students have pursued majors ranging from tried and true pathways such as Business, Psychology, Computer Science and Engineering to unique and creative majors such as Anthropology, European History, Gender Studies and Sociology. The phrase “freedom of choice” is not just a buzz word but a reality for HELP’s ADTP students.

HELP is also proud to be the only institution in Malaysia that has a unique transfer partnership with the University of Waterloo (UW) in Ontario, Canada for students keen to major in Actuarial Science. UW is one of Canada’s most innovative universities and its Faculty of Mathematics has the largest concentration of mathematical and computer and data science talent in the world.

HELP’s ADTP students also have the opportunity to participate in UW’s highly desirable Co-op Program. Under this program, Co-op students take a break from their studies to embark on four-month work terms up to a maximum of five work terms. Jobs can be sourced in Canada, US, UK and even Malaysia, and salaries can be lucrative enough to help pay fees and defray living costs.

HELP has a special arrangement with UW which allows ADTP students wishing to major in Actuarial Science, Maths or Computer Science in the Co-op program (provided they attain a CGPA of 3.7) to complete 10 to 12 specific subjects at HELP before transferring to UW, thus saving time and money.

UW’s Co-op program presents a real challenge to students to excel and enhance their employment and career prospects.

Chia Yit Wei provides living proof of the value of the UW Co-op program. He completed his ADTP at HELP before transferring to Waterloo, where he obtained his Bachelor of Mathematics with Distinction.

“The solid computer science modules in the HELP ADTP strengthened my technical skills and my analytical thinking, so that when I transferred to Waterloo I coped well and graduated with Distinction in Actuarial Science and Statistics.

“I also had the opportunity to meet industry experts from Microsoft, Facebook, Google and from insurance companies. They kindly shared their experience in programming and machine learning and their actuarial skills with me. This helped me to get employed in the largest actuarial software company in North America”, said Yit Wei, who is now employed as an actuarial assistant manager at a leading insurance company here.

HELP’s ADTP is a real value proposition for a student’s academic journey. Students who have finished their SPM or the equivalent can enrol directly into the program to kick-start their journey to realize their American Dream.

Find out more about HELP University’s American Degree Transfer Program by calling 603-2716 2000 to speak to our academic counsellors or visit for more information.

We look forward to welcoming you to HELP University, the University of Achievers.

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