Student Mobility Programmes

The Student Mobility Programmes provide students with various opportunities to study at our partner universities, allowing them to immerse themselves in diverse cultures and gain firsthand experience in various countries.

Student Exchange Programme

Korean Exchange Programme

South Korea is the most popular destination for our students, and each year we have many South Korean students who choose to come to HELP University and Malaysia to experience our rich culture and heritage.
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South Korea

Student Mobility & Exchange Programmes at HELP University

Explore the world, make new friends and learn different cultures, alongside your studies.

HELP University students in South Korea
Hayley Kuan in South Korea

What the students say...

“My summer exchange program with Dankook University was an enriching and transformative experience. It allowed me to improve my Korean language skills, explore the vibrant culture of Korea, and indulge in the delicious world of Korean cuisine. The memories and lessons from this program will stay with me for a lifetime, and I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to
have been a part of it. This exchange has not only broadened my perspective but also ignited my passion for further exploration of Korea and its culture.” – Hayley Kuan

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Short Term Mobility Programme

Student Mobility Programmes (SMP) enhances the learning experience of students by exposing them to the cultural, economic, political, educational and ecological aspects of other countries in order to develop global mindsets for career advancement and success in any environment. HELP University is a pioneer in such programmes.

The SMP at HELP has been specially planned for students from Asia, Australia, Europe and America under the title Education for Peace and Prosperity (EPP). By employing HELP’s academic strength and pedagogy, the SMP at HELP provides the opportunity for international students to expand their intellectual and cultural understanding of Asia through travel and study while remaining enrolled in their home institutions. The whole experience will develop the capabilities and talents of international students to become globally mobile and culturally adept and successful at working with diverse populations in an array of fields.

Under the SMP, graduate and undergraduate students from all over the world have taken credit and non-credit courses at HELP.