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Ainul Nadhirah Hanafiah

“Being a Psychology professor in Malaysia can be challenging as it is only in the last ten years that the industry has started growing rapidly. My decision to choose HELP to build my academic foundation in Psychology was based on their stellar reputation in teaching.”


  • Programme: PhD Candidate, University of Cambridge. Masters from King’s College London

Awards & Achievements

  • Awarded the HELP University President Award in 2017.
  • 4th Runner Up, Halal Tech Challenge, HTVB & Ministry of Finance.
  • Best Student Award for Semester 05 in University Teknologi Mara Melaka.
  • Dean’s List Award for Semester 02, 03 & 04 in University Teknologi Mara Melaka

Dr. Cameron Teoh


  • Programme: PhD in Psychology and Human Computer Interaction, University of Otago, New Zealand. BA First Class Honours, University of Otago

John Emmanuel Kiat


  • Programme: PhD in Management, University of South Australia, BA Psychology (University of Queensland with a distinctive average)

Awards & Achievements

  • Maude Hammond Fling Fellowship: $20000 & Tuition
  • Warden Travel Funding: $1300
  • Other Fellowship for Exceptional Scholars: $24000
  • Datuk Paduka Dr. Hajjah Saleha Award (Ranked 1st in Graduating Class)
  • HUC Psychology Full Merit Scholarship
  • Middlesex University Awards for Excellent Achievement

Millie Ong


  • Programme: HELP BPsych (First Class Hons)
  • High School: SMK Sri Aman, KL. SPM 9As
  • Current work/study: Currently pursuing her MSc in Occupational Psychology, University of Sheffield

Awards & Achievements

  • First Prize Winner, Psychology Challenge

Ong Chia Wei


  • Scholarship(s): Recipient of the ASEAN Scholarship
  • Current work/study: Currently pursuing MSc in Psychology: Learning Sciences, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

Awards & Achievements

  • Maybank Apprentice under the Global Maybank Apprentice Programme.
  • President of the Psychology Student Council (2010/2011)

Valerie Aw Chen Mei


  • Programme: HELP BPsych (First Class Hons)
  • Current work/study: Project Lead, Learning and Development, IPG Mediabrands

Awards & Achievements

  • Scored 12 As in SPM

Rachel Loh


HELP University Bachelor of Psychology (1st Class Hons), 2019, under HELP CEO Full Scholarship. She was also the sole recipient of the Tan Sri Datuk Paduka Hajjah Saleha Award for academic excellence, outstanding extra-curricular activities and excellent leadership.

Global Champion of the Maybank GO Ahead Challenge (MGAC) 2017, earning champion’s prize for her team, of USD 40,000 and the individual prize of USD 1,000, and interned at Maybank’s New York branch.

Participated in numerous global and regional youth, environmental and sustainability leadership and operational initiatives, including:

  • Co-Founder, AgriMatch, a digital platform since December 2018, aimed at empowerment through ethical connection between farmers and middlemen.
  • Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer, Rice Inc., since march 2018, a student-led social enterprise that aims to combat food insecurity and farmers’ poverty by increasing farmers’ accessibility to rice-processing technology. Rice Inc won Hult Prize Foundation Prize (called the ‘Nobel Prize for Students,” in 2018 of USD 1 million in seed funding for sustainable supply chain solutions for food insecurity and farmers’ poverty in Myanmar.
  • Member & Head Editor, Malaysian Youth Delegation to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) – representing the voice of Malaysian Youth at international conferences in contributed to the Malaysian Youth Statement on climate change.

Studied at HELP International School and recipient of the Principal’s Award and Asian Scholars Award.

Idayu Izreen Ismail


Previously HELP PSI CHI Tutor and English Teacher, Idayu Izreen is currently a Freelance Content Writer and Early Childhood Educator.

In 2018, Idayu completed her Foundation in Science at HELP Matriculation Centre (HMC), scoring a CGPA of 3.52/4.00, after which, registered for the HELP University’s Bachelor of Psychology degree, completing it in 2018 with a CGPA of 3.75/4.00 and graduated with 1st Class Honours.

Recipient of HELP-STAR Education Fund Full Scholarship Award for both her Foundation and Psychology studies.

Studied at SMK Damansara Jaya, Petaling Jaya, for SPM, scoring 7As and 3 Bs. She was awarded the Pelajar Cemerlang, (Student of Excellence) Award. Recipient of Ministry of Education Biasiswa Kecil Persekutuan (Federal Small Scholarship) Award, 2009-2013, and the PMR (Middle Secondary Examination) Excellence Award by Branding Education Charity Foundation, 2012.
HELP HMC Student Representative, Student Facilitator, Peer to Peer Mentor, Movie Channel Video Editor, Director and Hon Secretary, 2014-2015.
HELP Psychology Peer Supporter Welfare Assistant 2015-2016 and PSI CHI Social Media Officer 2018.
HELP Choir 2015-2017 and had performed at public and diplomatic social events.

With over 600,000 members, PSI CHI is the largest student psychological organisation in the world. It was founded for encouraging and maintaining excellence in scholarship and advancing the science of psychology and an affiliate of the American Psychological Association and Association for Psychological Science. HELP University is Psi Chi’s first chapter in Asia.

Jonathan Choo Kam Kitt


Graduate Tutor, HELP University, since 2019.
Core member since 2018 of HELP’s Cerebro Lab (EEG Lab). An initiative of Jonathan and his course mates, the EEG Lab began operations in Jan 2019 for tutorials and preliminary research with Jonathan spearheading a pilot study on Bilingualism and Inhibitory Control using EEG Techniques. While EEG equipment focuses on research, it can be used to diagnose brain disorders.

Jonathan studied at SMK Setia Alam, Selangor, scoring 7 As and 2 Bs for his SPM, completed his Foundation studies under the HELP Distinction Partial Scholarship at HELP Matriculation Centre. He then undertook HELP University’s Bachelor of Psychology studies in 2015, under HELP’s Loyalty and Merit Partial Scholarships, completed it in 2018 with a CGPA of 3.87, and graduated with 1st Class Hons.

Jonathan received the US Global Undergraduate Exchange (UGRAD) Scholarship and spent one semester of studies at the end of 2017 at Montclair State University, New Jersey. He achieved a CGPA of 3.75 and volunteered at Cerebral Palsy of North Jersey, a social organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of people with disabilities and other special needs.

In collaboration with colleagues and UGRAD alumni, Jonathan hosted a forum/workshop on LGBTQ+ issues relevant to Malaysia on 5 June 2018 and 13 Feb 2019 as part of Gender Studies Coursework, working closely with PT foundation and Justice For Sisters. Using materials from Montclair State University’s Safe Space Training workshop, Jonathan spearheaded the event to promote inclusivity and acceptance of the LGBTQ society in Malaysia and hope to impact society through education.

Hui Yen Ling


Psychology Graduate Tutor, HELP University (HELP), since 2019; Internship at KAIROS Resources Special Needs Education Centre, 2017; Pre-school Teacher (2013) and Primary school Tutor, 2015-17.
  1. Completed HELP Bachelor of Psychology degree under Merit Partial Scholarship, scored a 3.72 CGPA and graduated with 1st Class Hons, 2019
  2. Completed Foundation in Arts at HELP Matriculation Centre (HMC) under Distinction Partial Scholarship, scoring a 3.25 CGPA, 2015
  3. Studied at SMK (P) Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur, scoring 5 As and 4 Bs,for SPM, 2013.
Yen Ling was active in a diversity of academic, sports and extracurricular activities:
  • Represented HELP at M’sian Assn of Private Colleges & Universities (MAPCU) Taekwondo sparring competition, black belt category, 2015 and 2016
  • M’sian Private Higher Edu Institutions Sports Council (MASISWA) Taekwondo Championship Runner-up
  • Academic Research Trainee, 2017 to 2018, Psychology Peer Tutor, 2018
  • HELP University PSI CHI Vice President, 2017 to 2018, (founded in 1929 in the US, HELP is the 1st Chapter in Asia of PSI CHI, one of the largest international honor societies in psychology with more than 1,150 chapters).
  • Research presenter at conferences: – International Conference on Existential-Humanistic Psychology, 2018 – ASEAN Regional Union of Psychological Socities-M’sia Int’l Psychology Conference, 2019
  • “Behind The Masks” Forums on mental health issues, forum committee member since,2018
  • Participant in White Belt category at 2018 Inter GF Team (Grapple Fight Team) Competition (BJJ – Brazilian Jiu-jitsu), Yen Ling has been upgraded in 2019 to Blue Belt.

Jacquelin Choy Yheng Yheng


After graduating with her HELP University (HELP) Bachelor of Psychology degree, Jacquelin Choy started her career as one of the pioneer Recruitment Consultants in Hiredly – the recruitment division of WOBB, (acronym for Working On Bean Bags), Malaysian tech start-up job search platform founded in 2014, that accentuates career opportunities within the Gen Y talent pool.

Completed her HELP Bachelor of Psychology degree under HELP’s Merit Partial Scholarship for all 3 years of studies, scored a CGPA of 3.92/4.00, and graduated with 1st Class Honours in 2018.

Obtained her Foundation in Arts in 2015 completed with the HELP Matriculation Centre (HMC) under HELP’s Distinction Scholarship, scoring a CGPA of 3.70/4.00.

Jacquelin studied at SMK Tengku Ampuan Rahimah, Klang, Selangor, and scored 9 As for her SPM.

“Recruitment is people business. So is psychology. I firmly believe that my learning in psychology effectively provided me with the transferable skills needed to match-make companies with the right prospects: adapting to different personalities and characters, reading non-verbal behaviour during interviews, and identifying the motivation and drive behind career decisions. Psychology in the organizational context greatly benefits me in my role; I am able to identify and highlight companies’ cultures and perks, and apply these in creating enticing offers that appeal to prospects of various backgrounds and needs”.

Damian Chuah Tjun Kit


  • Since 2019, HR Advisor (International Mobility) with Shell Malaysia, managing the focal point for expatriates moving to the Middle East and coordination of the entire transfer process.
  • Self employed in 2018, as freelance article writing, SPSS analysis, and voice-overs.
  • Intern at AIA HR Division in 2017.

Obtained Year 11 Completion Certificate at Alpha Omega Home School Academy in 2013, then, completed Foundation studies in 2015 at HELP Matriculation Centre under Distinction Scholarship, scoring a CGPA of 3.76. Damian commenced the HELP University’s Bachelor of Psychology programme in 2015, completing it successfully in 2018, under HELP Merit and Loyalty Partial Scholarship, with a CGPA of 3.88 and graduating with 1st Class Hons.

Damian’s varied interests and extracurricular activities include:

  • Speaker at International Conference on Existential-Humanistic Psychology Conference
  • Winner of MMI Mental Health (Ongoing) Research Presentation
  • Performance Coordinator, HELP University Choir
  • Vocalist and Pianist, FrequenC
  • Member of PSI CHI the largest international student psychological organisation in the world, with HELP being its first chapter in Asia.
  • Editor, MATRICS, HMC’s periodical
  • Grand Prize (Asia) winner at the age of 12, of Scholastic’s The 39 Clues Competition, the global children’s publishing and education, multi-media adventure series in which children from all over the world who read the books, collect the cards, and plays the game, participate in a tournament testing their knowledge of “The 39 Clues”.

Andrea Chew Wenjuan


Since January 2018, Andrea has been Strategic Resourcing Consultant with Alexis International, Kuala Lumpur, a boutique executive search organization founded in 2011. Alexis serves businesses by connecting them with the professional contingent work force to advance the business to greater heights. Alexis also serves professionals by connecting them with businesses that provide not only rewarding benefits but also the growth factor for achieving their full career potential.

She commenced the HELP University Bachelor of Psychology degree programme in 2015 and received the Kuok Foundation Tan Sri Dato’ Oh Siew Nam Scholarship worth RM 90,000 for her studies. She completed the BPsych in 2018 with a CGPA score of 3.88/4.00 and graduated in 2019 with 1st Class Honours.

Andrea studied at the Alice Smith International School, Kuala Lumpur under full scholarship and obtained 2 As and 2 Bs for her A-Levels, 2015.

She had schooled at SMK Convent, Taiping, Perak, scoring 10 As for her SPM in 2013.

Extracurricular / Social Activities:

  • Volunteer at Life Equip
  • 2018 – HELP Psi Chi Chapter President; with over 600,000 members, PSI CHI is the largest student psychological organisation in the world and HELP is Psi Chi’s first chapter in Asia.
  • 2017 – HELP Psychology Student Union Treasurer
  • 2016 – HELP Psychology Peer Support Group Treasurer
  • 2016 – FrequenC musician/performer

Elena Tan Jing Hon


Occupied as an assistant psychologist until recently, Elena Tan has registered as a candidate for the Master of Clinical Psychology degree course at University Science Malaysia (USM), Penang, and is scheduled to commence her studies in September 2019.

Elena completed the Bachelor of Psychology programme at HELP University from 2016 to 2019, with a CGPA score of 3.87/4.00 and graduated with 1st Class Hnours. She was recipient of HELP’s Distinction and Merit Partial Scholarship for all three years of study.

Completed Australian Matriculation (AUSMAT or WACE) pre-university studies at a private university college and scored an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) of 93.05, signifying an achievement better than 93% of her peers.

Elena studied at SMK Katholik (Catholic High School), Petaling Jaya, scoring 10 As for her SPM.

Extracurricular/Sports activities:

  • Social Media Coordinator of Psychology Student Union (PSU) in 2016-2017.
  • Represented the Psychology Department at the 2016 HELP Sports Carnival and was 2nd runner-up in the Long Jump event.
  • Active netball player from 2012 to 2015.

Ong Shi Xian


Ong Shi Xian was an Elementary School Teacher in 2014, Intern at a Special Needs Centre in 2017, Peer Tutor at HELP University in 2018 and then, Early Childhood Educator since 2019.

Commenced HELP University’s Bachelor of Psychology degree course in 2016, completed it in 2018 with an excellent CGPA of 4.0/4.0, and graduated in 2019 with 1st Class Honours. Her final year thesis was entitled, “Whose Responsibility? The Moderating Role of Gender Role Attitude on Fathers’ and Mothers’ Practice on Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) Prevention Communication with Their Children”. Shi Xian was recipient of HELP’s Merit Scholarship for all three years of study”.

Completed Foundation Studies at HELP University under HELP’s Distinction Scholarship, and achieved a CGPA of 3.64/4.00.

Studied at SMK Tanjung Datuk High School, Johor, scoring 11 As for her SPM.

Shi Xian had participated in the following extracurricular/sports activities:

  • Director of Volunteer Coordinators for the 10th HELP Cup Asia High School Chinese Debate Open Championship, 2017
  • Athletics events in HELP Sports Carnival (Trekathon, Road Relay, Race Events), 2016-2018.
  • Content creator of Light A Life 4.0, 2018.
  • Performer (vocalist) for FrequenC annual concert, 2016.

Shi Xian has this to share: “Psychology is more than an academic learning course. Various useful skills are learned, such as self-awareness, active listening, interpersonal skills and general research skills”.

Ooi Yee Xin


Impassioned to improve the well-being of special needs individuals, Ooi Yee Xin is Coach at WYNKIDS, teaching and motivating students to have the right attitude and mindset in life, and aiming to promote their well-being to create a positive societal impact. While interned in 2017 at SI World, Yee Xin was exposed to Sensory-Integration, Occupational and Speech Therapy, and Physiotherapy.

  • Completed HELP University’s Bachelor of Psychology (Hons) programme under HELP’s Merit Partial Scholarship with a CGPA of 3.87/4.00 and graduated with 1st Class Hons, 2019.
  • Completed Foundation in Arts in 2015 at HELP Matriculation Centre (HMC) under Distinction Partial Scholarship and achieved a CGPA of 3.64/4.00.
  • Studied at SMK Taman Molek Secondary School, Johor, scoring 10As in SPM, 2014.

Extracurricular/Social activities:

Academic Research Trainee of International Conference on Existential-Humanistic Psychology, 2017-18 Treasurer of HELP PLAY Drama Club, 2016-2018, Co-organiser of HELP Asian Cultural Café, 2017 Production Team Sub-committee member of FrequenC 8th Annual Concert, 2016 Volunteer for various club events:

  • Malaysian Psychology Student Assembly (MAPSA), 2016,
  • Psychology School Convention, 2016,
  • HELP University Chinese Cultural Society Event 2nd and 3rd Mid-Autumn Festival, 2017 and 2018,
  • 10th HELP Cup Asia High School Chinese Debate Open Championship, 2017,
  • Light a Life 4.0 Charity Run, 2018.

Joshua Ma Zhung Zhang


Joshua is a pioneer team recruitment consultant with Hiredly, the headhunting/recruitment division arm of WOBB, (Working On Bean Bags), Malaysian 2014 tech start-up job search platform, that accentuates career opportunities within the Gen Y talent pool.

He is also SupaAgent with Supahands, founded in Malaysia in 2014, as an outsourcing platform that helps companies across the globe, from the Asia-Pacific to the USA, scale and save on resources through the outsourcing of their business operations, achieved through their remote task force of ”SupaAgents” from across S. E. Asia. Joshua achieved top sales in one month for Supahands and managed to seal RM 90,000 of business within 10 months.

Joshua completed his HELP University (HELP) Bachelor of Psychology degree programme in 2018 under HELP’s Merit Partial Scholarship, achieved a CGPA of 3.81, and graduated with 1st Class Honours in 2019. He has always been intrigued with cognitive psychology and scored a High Distinction 1 for his thesis titled, “Mindset Priming and Thought Consciousness on Creativity”.

He completed his Foundation studies in 2015 with the HELP Matriculation Centre, achieving a 3.70 CGPA.

Joshua studied at SMK Taman Connaught in K. Lumpur, scoring 4 As and 6 B+s for his SPM in 2013.

Extracurricular Activities:

  • Represented HELP’s Captain Ball Society for internal and external competitions.
  • Participated in and contributed to the success of Psychology Department’s 9th Sports Carnival.
  • Psi Chi Honor Society.

“One of the most valuable lessons learned at HELP is to find a good balance between academic and social involvement. Having always been only slightly above mediocre in terms of academic achievements prior to my degree, HELP nurtured me with the learning environment and instilled in me, a passion for psychology to go the extra mile and excel”.

Colleen Ng Phaik Ying


Colleen is Pastoral Care Teacher in Nobel International School, Petaling Jaya, whose role includes identifying students’ emotional and/or behavioral needs and learning difficulties, and facilitating for the provision of the right support for them.

Studied for HELP University’s (HELP) Bachelor of Psychology degree course from 2015 to 2018 under HELP Merit Partial Scholarship, achieved a CGPA of 3.92 and graduated in 2019 with 1st Class Hons.

Completed HELP’s Foundation in Arts under HELP’s Distinction Partial Scholarship in 2015, scoring a CGPA of 3.67.

Extracurricular/Social Activities:

  • Assistant Marketing Coordinator for Peer Support Group (PSG), 2016
  • Usher for Malaysia, Music Cares – Music Therapy Conference, 2016
  • Organising Committee and Member for Psychology Camp, 2016
  • Organising Committee Member (Marketing Department) for Malaysian Psychology Student Assembly, and Oral and Poster Presenter for (MAPSA), 2016
  • Psi Chi Member since 2016
  • Vice President for Psychology Student Union (PSU) 2016/2017
  • Coordinator for the Psychology Team for 2017 HELP Sports Carnival
  • Chairperson for Malaysian International Psychology Conference (MIPC), 2017
  • Assisted in LIFE (Literacy Impact and Family Education) 2018 programme workshops conducted by HELP lecturers, by educating parents on emotional intelligence
  • Volunteer for Psychology School Convention 2017 & 2018
  • Research presenter for ASEAN Regional Union of Psychological Societies (ARUPS) in Bali, 2018
  • Participant, since 2015 in Outreach programmes in Jinjang, Kuala Lumpur:
    –  As tutor for underprivileged students; and
    –  In serving food to underprivileged old folks.

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