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Umar Adkhamov


Bachelor of Information Technology (First Class Honours), HELP University

During his one-year industry stint in the HELP Bachelor of Information Technology (Honours) Work-Based Learning (2U1i) programme, Umar Adkhamov received job offers from Dassault Systèmes, a Fortune 50 listed software company, and Pilot Multimedia, a provider of risk management solutions with an international clientele. He is now working as an Application Consultant at Dassault Systèmes.


Dear Datuk Dr Chan and Datin Chan,

I am writing this letter to express my gratitude towards HELP University, as someone who had zero knowledge in the IT field when joining it in 2016 and now being a software expert in one of the biggest software corporations of Europe – Dassault Systèmes.

I joined HELP University’s Faculty of Computing and Digital Technology in January 2016. All I had then was a little bit of interest in the IT field and no prior knowledge. The 50% scholarship being provided to IT students that time created an opportunity for me to start my journey in the IT sphere.

Thus, my education in HELP University started and it was fantastic. Ms Yeoh Hooi Sim and Ms Sandra Rangai Balang were the ones who first met me and familiarized me with the place and were always there to assist me in all my matters related to the university. Mr Frodo Yam Chik Cheong was the mastermind on selecting suitable subjects for me.

The support, experience, professionalism and friendliness of the lecturers in the faculty impressed me a lot. I remember how Ms Ng Shu Min came specially to assist me in my competition project on her off-days. Mr Kok Chye Hock, in my initial semesters, accepted my quiz answer written on the other side of the page, when I did not have time to copy it to the proper sheet (of course while my answer was correct). Ms Naline Shanmugam was the teacher who first introduced me to IT. Mr Winson Koon Kim Peh was such a cool lecturer that our relationship turned into a friendship. Dr Dewi Oktaviani’s enthusiasm made every lecture of hers an absolute fun experience. Ms Seetha Letchumi always made sure that I studied her subject in detail (that is why I am so good in her subjects). Ms Anitha Velayutham’s optimistic and cheerful approach to teaching made me always to look forward to her next class. Dr Fong Pui Kwan was truly patient with my many questions and inquiries during my final project which helped me to achieve an outstanding result. After taking an entrepreneurship subject with Mr Steven Yong Yik Loong, my brain was “programmed” by him to think like an entrepreneur.

All my lecturers above under the leadership of the Dean of Faculty Dr Sien Ven Yu have put their effort into making me a great IT professional who was accepted into Dassault Systèmes even before graduation in 2019. Here in Dassault Systèmes I had an opportunity to work with super talented and smart people on planning and optimization projects for multiple international companies, and I was able to stand out among them, too.

Thus, I am truly grateful to my lecturers for being awesome and for supporting me throughout my education and helping me to become an IT specialist in demand. Furthermore, I would like to thank you, Datuk and Datin Chan, for making HELP University a wonderful place to study, providing scholarships and keeping a high level of teaching.

Best regards
Umar Adkhamov

Eyu Kun


2019-2020: HELP University Bachelor of Information Technology (Honours) Year 1 and 2

2021: University of Queensland Bachelor of Information Technology Year 3

Awarded the UQ EAIT International Partner University Scholarship 2021 for Year 3 study at the University of Queensland for attaining the highest CGPA score of 3.66 at HELP University.


I joined HELP University in January 2019 for the Bachelor in Information Technology programme. After two years, I transferred to the University of Queensland (UQ) with a UQ scholarship to complete my degree. I will graduate at the end of 2021.

I had no prior knowledge or interest in IT until I met HELP IT lecturer Mr Steven Yong Yik Loong. His clear explanation of IT and its future potential convinced me to explore this new field. Besides, HELP University’s transfer programme with the University of Queensland would give me the opportunity to experience living and studying overseas. The 30% UEC study award provided by HELP to IT students also convinced me to start my journey to explore IT.

Life at HELP was fantastic. I made many new friends, including international students from South Korea, Japan, Uzbekistan, Pakistan and Syria, and learned communication and problem-solving skills. The classes were not large and we interacted easily with each other and with our lecturers. My classmates were kind and cheerful; learning was fun and the atmosphere was always cheerful and relaxed. The lecturers were friendly and patient with our jokes and our questions which they willingly answered even during their off-hours.

As a result, I gained self-confidence and performed well with a high CGPA of 3.66 to qualify for a University of Queensland scholarship to complete my final year there.

At UQ, the strong foundation I obtained at HELP enabled me to excel in some papers, particularly in Web Information Systems where I attained a High Distinction and received an award from the Faculty in recognition of my “outstanding contribution to learning enhancement”.

The most memorable moments at HELP for me are the sense of achievement on completing assignments and the quality of teaching of the lecturers, especially when I achieved high grades in my subjects. I felt great satisfaction that my efforts had been recognised and that I had mastered the subject.

All these achievements were possible through the guidance, support and professionalism of the lecturers for whom I still retain very fond memories.

I remember Mr Koon Kim Peh as the first lecturer I encountered in my first class: a humorous and gentle lecturer who was a friend to us; Dr Dewi Oktaviani was a strict lecturer but her professionalism made the lectures clear and detailed; Dr Tan Choon Ling, young-at-heart but a serious lecturer who showed great patience with our questions; Ms Naline Shan Shanmugam who valued and respected our work and gave opinions objectively for improvement; Mr Steven Yong Yik Loong, chatty like a friend who would give us life advice based upon his personal stories and who deserves my thanks for introducing me to IT; Ms Seetha Letchumi always made sure we understood her subject in detail and used real-life examples to make the subject easy to understand; Dr Abdul Qayoom who would always answer our questions patiently even after classes or during his off-times; Mr Kok Chye Hock, a nice lecturer who treats students like they are his friends; and Ms Ng Shu Min, full of enthusiasm and humor who delivered lectures in a way that made me feel I was exploring knowledge on a fun trip. I never saw her without smiles in every lecture and her energy infected me to become energetic too.

All these lecturers contributed to making me passionate and motivated to do well at HELP and subsequently at UQ. The solid groundwork provided by them is invaluable.

Studying at UQ has expanded my mental and intellectual capabilities and enriched my social and cultural experiences.

I feel confident that when I graduate at the end of this year, I will be well-prepared to take up challenging job opportunities in the industry.

Ooi Her Wuen


Her Wuen is presently Senior Associate, Advisory Services, Ernst & Young (Singapore). Her Wuen says, “I find IT to be incredibly fast-paced, with room always for innovation and creativity. The BIT (Hons) subjects that I studied and the interactions that I had with my lecturers have most certainly equipped me with the necessary skills for my current employment”.

Awards & Achievements

  • HELP University Bachelor of Information Technology (First Class Honours)
  • Tan Sri Datuk Paduka Dr Hajjah Saleha Outstanding Achievement Award Winner
  • President’s Award Winner

Boris Chitombo


Boris, a German national, assisted in research and development for Geoview Data Services (GDS), a geodetic software development company in KL whilst studying for his Dip IT. Today, he is employed as the Head of its Malaysian operations and also its Chief Technology Officer. He has also been made a partner of the company.

Awards & Achievements

Of Zimbabwean/German parentage, and educated in Zimbabwe, Boris had taught music, after his A-Levels, at the Harare International School. Wishing to experience Asia, he registered with HELP for the Dip IT programme. His thirst for knowledge, reading and researching way beyond the syllabus, enabled him to score numerous High Distinctions in his course. He views the Dip IT as a very diverse program that challenged him to put theoretical knowledge to practical application, gave him valuable insights for industry application and helped him rapidly rise in his career.

Khalid Mohammad Saleem


Khalid has this to say, “HELP University has made me strive for knowledge and taught me many different programming paradigms which can be used to explore many different programming languages. Subjects such as modelling using UML, all game development subjects and the final year project has prepared me to organise and plan new projects. It has been a great experience studying at HELP. The lecturers teach from experience and demonstrate each theory with examples.

Awards & Achievements

  • Bachelor of Computer Science (First Class Honours)
  • Games and Interactive Media
  • Software Engineer, MIMOS

Frianto Moerdowo


  • Programme: Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons)
  • Years of Attendance: 2009-2013
  • High School: SMAN 1 Jember
  • Current work/study: CEO of Jarvis Store
  • Hometown: Bali, Indonesia

Awards & Achievements

  • Selected to attend the Google Launchpad Accelerator Program at Googleplex, Silicon Valley

Agus Yusida


  • Programme: Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons)
  • Years of Attendance: 2009-2013
  • Current work/study: CTO of Jarvis Store
  • Hometown: Singaraja, Bali, Indonesia

Awards & Achievements

  • Selected to attend the Google Launchpad Accelerator Program at Googleplex, Silicon Valley

Gusindra Divanatha


  • Programme: Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons)
  • Years of Attendance: 2010-2013
  • Current work/study: COO of Jarvis Store
  • Hometown: Bali, Indonesia

Awards & Achievements

  • Selected to attend the Google Launchpad Accelerator Program at Googleplex, Silicon Valley

Vincent Cheng Kim Loong


  • Programme: Bachelor of Information Technology
  • Years of Attendance: 1998-2013
  • High School: Sekolah Aminuddin Baki KL
  • Current work/study: CEO of JeVince Solutions, Founder of Malaysian Business Network
  • Hometown: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Amraj Singh


First HELP Diploma in IT student to receive scholarship to study at the University of Queensland for his Bach of Information Technology degree.

Awards & Achievements

  • Completed Dip in IT at HELP University, 2015 to 2017 Awarded Industry Bursary of 50% of course fees for his Dip IT.
  • Completed school education at SMK Taman Melawati, Selangor
  • Amraj became keenly interested in Artificial Intelligence (AI) while studying at HELP where he found his intent to become a software engineer, thus acquiring the skills to improve AI functionality.

Su Sheng Loong


  • Senior Member of Technical Staff (SMTS), Software Engineering with Salesforce in San Francisco since Dec 2018. Salesforce is the world’s leading Customer Relationship Management platform for sales and service.
  • Salesforce SMTS, Software Engineering, Singapore, for 16 months.
  • Applications Consultant/Software Engineer, Infocomm Development Authority/GovTech Singapore for 33 months, developing mission-critical systems at Ministry of Manpower.
  • Senior Software Engineer, ShareInvestor Pte Ltd, 2012 to 2014, developing and maintaining its flagship share investment tools and financial portals.
  • Accenture Liferay Portal Developer, Singapore, 2012, in the technical design and development of campus solutions.
  • Singtel Application Consultant, 2011 to 2012, developing and maintaining enterprise-level portal applications.

Graduated with Bach of InfoTech (BIT) from the University of Queensland (UQ) in 2011 with a top score of 7.0/7.0, under UQ EAIT Faculty International Scholarship, in the team of Best Group in Advanced Information Technology Project and winning the Dean’s Commendation for High Achievement.

Completed year 1 and 2 of the HELP University BIT under Distinction and Merit Scholarship Awards and achieving a CGPA of 3.87, transferred to UQ in 2010 under the HELP/UQ credit transfer programme.

Achieved 8 A1s and 2 A2s for SPM and for A-levels, 2 As and 2Bs.

“I know I made the right decision to study the BIT at HELP because I am always enthusiastic about learning and applying IT knowledge and skills to create something great and beneficial for people. HELP provided me with a good and conducive learning environment. The course is well-structured and I gained a lot of useful and important knowledge from the subjects taught at HELP. Moreover, the lecturers are very professional and approachable”.

Lim Chun Chai


  • Since 2004, Founder and Managing Director of Enovade Sdn Bhd; providing IT consulting services to help clients manage their IT investments efficiently, automate their business processes and providing them with the necessary tools to increase their productivity while reducing the total cost of ownership.
  • 5 years as Senior Consultant/Project Manager/Knowledge Management Group Manager with LK-Solutions Asia Pacific Sdn Bhd,
  • 3 years as Senior Application Developer with ACNielsen Asia Pacific

Completed the Charles Sturt University (CSU) Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) programme at HELP, scoring excellent grades: 6 High Distinctions and 2 Distinction in Year 3, and graduated in 2000. The BIT was fully conducted offshore by CSU in collaboration with HELP University (previously, HELP Institute) as its delivery centre in Malaysia.

Lim Chun Chai studied at SMK, Taman Maluri, Kuala Lumpur.

“The knowledge and experiences I gained from the BIT focused on practical development of systems and applications pertaining to business contexts. It prepared me well to emerge in the IT industry as a System Analyst in a multinational company. The experience gained from working in a multinational company widened my knowledge in the management of an organisation, running a business and communicating with different levels of individuals. This knowledge enabled me to establish Enovade Sdn Bhd.”

Hannah Goh Yan Yin


Hannah is Application Consultant at Quintiq Malaysia since June 2019; Quintiq is a Dutch organisation that develops planning, scheduling and supply chain optimization software.

Completed Internship – under the WBL component of HELP University’s (HELP) Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) degree course – at Pilot Multimedia from January 2018 to December 2018.

3 years as Senior Application Developer with ACNielsen Asia Pacific.

Hannah returned to HELP in 2015 for her second undergraduate academic learning and qualification: the BIT degree, and completed it in 2019, graduating with 1st Class Honours.

Completed the HELP Bachelor of Psychology at HELP in 2010, continued her tertiary education abroad with 3 transfer credits from her HELP psychology studies for the Bachelor of Arts degree at Australia’s University of Adelaide in 2011, and graduated in 2013.

Completed her South Australian Matriculation at a private university college in 2009.

Hannah studied at Sekolah Sri Cempaka Damansara from 2000 to 2008.

“The Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons.) provided me with the suitable skills I needed to develop my career in the IT industry, particularly with the introduction of the Work-Based Learning (WBL) component of the programme. I feel I made the right choice in enrolling for this degree, and would strongly encourage others to follow in my path”.

Kee Jie Yi


  • Jie Yi joined Dassault Systemes-DELMIA Quintiq, as Application Consultant in April 2019. DELMIA Quintiq, a Dutch organisation that develops planning, scheduling and supply chain optimization software, is owned by French multinational, Dassault Systèmes, specialising in computer-aided design (CAD) and product lifecycle management (PLM).
  • She completed the final year Work-Based Learning (WBL) internship component of her HELP University (HELP) Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) programme, with Pilot Multimedia Malaysia which business is in the delivery of solutions that transforms data into insights and decisions.

Jie Yi commenced her HELP BIT studies in 2016, completing it in 2018 under HELP-IT Industry Board Bursary, with a CGPA score of 3.77/4.00, and graduating in 2019 with 1st Class Honours.

She studied at Kuen Cheng High School, Kuala Lumpur, scoring 7 As and 3 Bs for her SPM in 2014, and 2 As and 4 Bs for her UEC in 2015.

Kie Yi plans to obtain her Professional SCRUM Master I certification; SCRUM provides comprehensive training, assessments and certifications to improve the profession of software delivery.

“The BIT lecturers at HELP constantly aim to keep the courses up to date by teaching the students the latest technology, which I believe is very valuable for prepare them for entry into industry for their career and social development”.

Bong Kai Tzer


Born in Johor, Kai Tzer studied at the Confucian Private Secondary School in Kuala Lumpur from 2008 – 2013, passing his SPM examination in 2012 and UEC examination in 2013, with creditable results. He then registered in 2014 with HELP University (HELP) as a candidate for the degree of Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons) (Business Information Management), (BIT), receiving the UEC partial course fee waiver for all 3 years of study. He completed the BIT with a CGPA of 3.75 and graduated in 2017 with 1st Class Hons and was awarded a HELP CEO full scholarship for postgraduate studies at the ELM Graduate School. Planning for a rewarding career as a solution provider in senior management roles, Kai Tzer registered in 2018 for the HELP Master of Project Management, completing it and graduating in early 2020, with a score of 9 Distinctions for the 12 course subjects and an overall CGPA of 3.71.

Kai Tzer joined Hitachi eBworx Sdn.Bhd in Petaling Jaya as Associate Business Consultant in 2017 and was promoted to Business Consultant in 2020. Hitachi Ltd is a Global Fortune 500 company and one of the largest and highly respectable companies in the world while Hitachi eBworx Group is an international financial solutions specialist, providing a wide array of innovative digital solutions to the financial services industry. He was previously interned in 2016 with Mobitek Systems, responsible for providing technical support, conducting software testing, and developing user manuals. Based in Puchong, Selangor, Mobitek supplies customers with telecommunication equipment based on cellular technologies and communication tools.

During his Confucian School studies, Kai Tzer was 1st and 2nd runner up in the school’s Photography Competition 2013, the Highest Achiever Award winner in 2012, Chairman of Mathematics Society, 2012, Best Service Performer in the Mathematics Society and achiever in several other extracurricular activies.

Benjamin Chai Zi Ming


From the city of Ipoh, Benjamin Chai is a candidate for the degree of Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) (Hons) at HELP University’s Faculty of Computing and Digital Technology, (FCDT). Successful completion of his 2-year HELP Diploma in Information Technology (DIT) studies in 2019, fast-tracked him – with subject credits for Year 1 – straight to Year 2 of the BIT. Scheduled to graduate in 2021, and inspired by his learning and exposure at FCDT, and internship with one of Fortune Global 500’s largest corporations, Benjamin is heading for a career in problem-solving through IT technology to help people, and developing his own startup to deliver value and contribute to the community and society.

By mid-2019, Benjamin had completed his BIT Work-Based Learning (WBL) Mode 2u1i industry internship with Petronas Group Digital, the digital technology enabler, supporting Malaysia’s fully integrated petroleum company, PETRONAS, in its delivery of mission-critical, innovative and secure ICT solutions, globally, in 65 countries. During an earlier semester break in 2018-9, he also secured internship placement with Vivar Printing, a modern printing plant specialising in book printing, binding, finishing and logistics fulfillments.

Benjamin has been progressing very well in his BIT: as at mid-2020, his CGPA was 3.65/4.00. In 2019, he also received excellent grades for his DIT, achieving an overall CGPA of 3.84/4.00. During his BIT studies, he was member of the Information Technology Student Council (ITSC), which seeks to resolve students’ concerns. He was Head of IOT (Internet of Things) Club, working to enable everyday objects to communicate with one another through computing devices. Benjamin received the HELP-IT Industry Bursary for his DIT and BIT studies. He studied at Poi Lam High School (SUWA), in Ipoh for his secondary education, scoring in 2016, commendable grades for his SPM (Malaysian Certificate of Education), and scoring 6 As for 7 subjects, as a private candidate for the Cambridge IGCSE, O Levels.

For 3 months in 2017, Benjamin volunteered as a teaching assistant at a rural, forest settlement in Pahang state, as part of a tuition/coaching programme, with the mission to empower native Semai children without proper education, to break the cycle of poverty. He also volunteered, in 2019, for My Digital Maker Fair organized by MDEC, (Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation).

Istiak Ahmed


Born in Narayanganj, the 3rd largest city in Bangladesh, Istiak Ahmed started developing his tech startup, Food Compass, in early 2020, to seize on the scope and opportunities for success in the relatively undeveloped food tech business in the country. A discovery and city guide mobile app focusing on food chains and restaurants, Food Compass would spearhead and accelerate business growth via technology breakthrough, serving as a platform for F&B businesses in Narayanganj, with plans of extending it to Dhaka. With the launch scheduled for August 2020, he is actively proposing to clients for them to reach out to thousands of existing and prospective customers.

With enthusiasm for science and technology, Istiak registered in 2015 with HELP University in K Lumpur, as a candidate for the Bachelor of Information (BIT) Technology (Hons) degree, and travelled to Malaysia to commence the course in October. He was recipient of the HELP Anniversary Bursary Award for all 3 years of study. He completed his BIT internship in August, 2019 with The Star Media Group at Phileo Damamsara, Petaling Jaya, graduated in early 2020, thereafter, returned home to invest in the options for a rewarding career. Istiak describes the BIT curriculum as very practical with real world application. The learning also encouraged him to think like an entrepreneur and gave him the courage to embark on his start-up. His advises new students to stick to studies to succeed with a smile, even if the initial experience may be somewhat overwhelming and lonesome.

Istiak studied at the Narayanganj Government Tolaram College, obtaining Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) in 2013, prior to which, he attended the Narayanganj Bar Academy Government I.E.T. High School and passed his Secondary School Certificate Examination in 2011. After his school studies, he volunteered for the Bangladesh (VBD) and JAAGO Foundation, working in campaigns such as child education and raising society’s awareness of hygiene. He was also a founding member of JBC (Joy Bangla Club), helping those deprived of basic social needs.

Alvin Chew Chee Aun


From Penang, Alvin Chew, was engaged in July 2020, as Software Test Engineer in Kula Lumpur with Beyondsoft Malaysia. Headquarted in China and listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Beyondsoft is a global provider of IT consulting, product and solution services. With more than thirty delivery centres across North America and Asia, and a team of diversely talented, customer-centric experts in innovation and in providing solutions, it combines emerging technologies and proven methodologies to provide cutting edge solutions to propel business to new heights.

Alvin’s previous industry exposure included:

  • Retail customer consultancy and services from 2019-2020, in Singapore, in the home furnishing sector;
  • Technical support intern 2018, in Kuala Lumpur, with BASS Software of Norway, leading global provider of fleet management software for ship owners and ship managers, as well as operators of rigs and floating production, storage and off-loading vessels; and
  • Educational Customer Engagement and Counselling Assistant from 2016 -2018, during his studies at HELP University (HELP) at Educational Fairs that HELP participated in.

Alvin was a candidate for the HELP Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) degree at the Faculty of Computing and Digital Technology, commencing the course in 2016 and graduating in early 2019. He had completed the HELP Diploma in Information Technology (DIT) from 2014 to 2016 that enabled him to fast track to Year 2 of the BIT. He received the HELP Loyalty and Silver Jubilee bursaries for both his DIT and BIT studies.

AT HELP, Alvin participated in the University Blood Donation Campaign in 2017, helping in publicity prior to the event, in managing volunteers and attendees and implementing the floor set-up. He also helped in organizing the HELP University Tech Day in 2016 and 2017, in attending to high school student visitors and general hospitality services.

Alvin studied at SMK Valdor, Sungai Jawi in Penang and obtained his SPM (Malaysian Certificate of Education) in 2013.

Lin Zheng

Bachelor of IT student Lee Lin Zheng takes 5th place at University of Adelaide’s Ingenuity Challenge

Every year, the University of Adelaide holds the Ingenuity Challenge, a virtual competition designed to test students on their programming and problem-solving skills in a series of multi-component problems. This year, Bachelor of IT (Hons) student Lee Lin Zheng did HELP University proud by winning 5th place.

The Ingenuity Challenge always presents a multi-component optimisation problem that competitors need to analyse and solve within 72 hours. Competitors can submit solutions as many times as they wish over the course of those 72 hours, watching their scores go up (or down) on the live leaderboard. So how did this year’s work? “Adelaide has over 433 suburbs. Imagine we start in one, then visit each suburb, picking up valuable or not-so-valuable items as we go, and putting them into our special backpack,” Lin Zheng explains. “As we travel, our backpack gets heavier and heavier, and this slows us down. As we pick up items, we maximise our OverallProfit; however we still need to pay for the time that we have travelled. Hence, we need to carefully trade-off the travel time with the overall profit that we make.”

It was a challenge designed to provoke problem-solving thinking and encourage top-tier programming amongst second and third year students – a challenge that Lin Zheng, a first-year student, rose to.

“This was really a tough challenge for me as I didn’t have any knowledge of the searching algorithm needed, or how to code it,” he says. “Moreover, I didn’t understand the code that was given! Therefore, I attempted the question with my own code in a simple but not efficient way. I calculated the shortest path to pass through each node. Then I decide on the items that would be picked depending on three factors: the distance remaining to carry the item, profit earned by that item, and the weight of the item. I tried to modify the ratio of each factor to get better performance. This wasn’t the perfect way to solve the question, so I know I need to learn more about searching algorithms in the future.”

And apart from fifth place, what were Lin Zheng’s takeaways from the Ingenuity Challenge? “I learnt that persistence is the key to success,” he says. On my first day attempting the question, I had totally no idea, and my score was zero for the whole day. On my second day, after having some knowledge and setting up the code, I ran the code and submitted my first solution. The score was closer to other participants’, but still low. I kept modifying the factor and kept trying, then finally, after my 10th attempt, my solution moved into the top 5 places.”

Congratulations, Lin Zheng!

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