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Arunn Suntharalingam

“What stood out to me about HELP University amongst the other private universities was its emphasis for a comprehensive education curriculum and its staff of conscientious lecturers. Other private universities may have had flashier campuses but the rigorous educational experience offered at HELP University led me to choose it. But what stood out to me about HELP in the large amount of trust the administrations puts in me while choosing the number of subjects I wished to take. Unlike other universities I engaged with, HELP didn’t seek to curb my ardor for learning but rather bolstered it. With this trust, I managed to broaden my scope of knowledge to my choosing. With this, I became more comfortable challenging myself as opposed to settling for mediocrity. This coupled with the active engagement I had in liberal arts classes, led to an extremely rewarding college experience at HELP.”


  • Programme: American Degree Programme. Transferring to New York University to pursue an Economic degree

Awards & Achievements

  • Awarded the HELP University President Award in 2017.
  • 4th Runner Up, Halal Tech Challenge, HTVB & Ministry of Finance.
  • Best Student Award for Semester 05 in University Teknologi Mara Melaka.
  • Dean’s List Award for Semester 02, 03 & 04 in University Teknologi Mara Melaka

Brendan Yap Khee Cheok


  • Programme: Bachelor of Communication (Marketing Communication)
  • Scholarship(s): Awarded the Merit Scholarship for August 2016 Semester

Awards & Achievements

  • Top SPM Students 2015 – 9A+, 1A (School Level).
  • President of the HELP University’s American Degree Program Student Congress (Spring 2017).
  • University of Malaysia Battle of the Bees Spelling Competition (State Level, 4th place & Most Enthusiastic Speller).
  • University of Malaya Beyond Engineering (BEGIN) Challenge (State Level, 2nd place & Best Overall Presenter).
  • MSSD Public Speaking Competition (District Level, 2nd place).
  • Asia Pacific University National Public Speaking Competition (National Level, 3rd place)
  • Anugerah Kepimpinan Cemerlang (Award for Excellent Leadership) – English Language Society
  • Anugerah Kepimpinan Cemerlang (Award for Excellent Leadership) – Editorial Board
  • Anugerah Khidmat Cemerlang (Award for Excellent Services) – Perfectorial Board
  • Anugerah Khidmat Cemerlang (Award for Excellent Services) – Traditional Malay Dance Club
  • Public Service Department (JPA) Bursary Recipient (National Level)
  • Securities Commission (SC) Malaysia Scholarship – full scholarship for pre-university and university studies globally (National Level)
  • Management & Science University Performing Arts Competition – Traditional Dance category (State Level, 2nd place)
  • University of Malaya Battle of the Bees Spelling Competition (State Level, Champion)
  • MBPJ International Folklore Festival – Traditional Malay Dance (International Level, Performer)
  • RHB & The Star Mighty Minds Challenge (Team Captain, State Level, 2nd place)
  • Top PMR Student 2013 – 7A (School Level)

Elsa Laung Sangaran


  • Programme: American Degree Programme. Currently Majoring in Psychology in the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Izzat Rahman


Proud owner of KAYUH Bicycles and Café, a bicycle repair cum café business in the thriving Philadelphia neighbourhood of Francisville, in Pennnsylvania, USA, managing 2 separate staff teams running the community-centric comprehensive bicycle repairs, spare parts and accessories dept. and the café.

Kayuh was the result of Izzat being a finalist in a business plan competition at the Temple University Fox Business School where he studied and completed his Bachelor degree, majoring in Business, in the USA.

Completed American Degree Programme at HELP University, 2007-2009, and transferred to the USA to complete his studies at Temple, Pennsylvania.

Izzat strived towards one simple goal; to start his own business, so from the Kuala Lumpur bustle to the culturally and historically rich city of Philadelphia, he made an effort to live out his passion.

“Towards the end of my 2 years at HELP, I applied to several school in the East Coast of the US. All HELP ADP courses were transferable and I chose Temple for its reputable business entrepreneurship, MIS and risk management programmes. HELP was instrumental in giving me the platform to build a strong foundation for what was to come in my future. I learned to be independent but I also had the help of a community of friends I built in Philadelphia. When you plan to open your own business, I recommend you take a leap of faith and do something out of the ordinary. It could not only change your life but also the lives of others along the way”.

Dr Ng Yin Lu


Dr Ng is Senior Associate, People Advisory Services, Ernst & Young, Malaysia, since 2017, blending her organisational research skills and people consulting experience to provide holistic business solutions to clients.

She obtained her PhD (Business and Management) in 2010 from the University of South Australia (UniSA) for which she received the UniSA’s President’s Scholarship, returned to Malaysia in 2011, and served as Senior Lecturer/Deputy Head of Department at the Faculty of Behavioural Sciences at HELP University’s (HELP) Subang 2 Bestari campus till 2017.

Dr Ng commenced her BA in Psychology studies at The University of Queensland, (UQ) in 2003. An outstanding student at UQ, she received the Dean’s Commendation for High Achievement Accolade and graduated in 2006 with 1st Class Honours.

Ng Yin Lu had completed her Amercian Degree Programme (ADP) studies in 2003 at HELP (previously named HELP Institute) under HELP’s Distinction Partial Scholarship, scoring 15 As and 2 Bs, and achieving an excellent CGPA of 3.82; after which, she went to Australian for her tertiary education.

She studied at SMK Convent, Klang, Selangor, scoring 8 A1s and 2 As for her SPM in 2001.

Esther Goh Wei Jenn


Esther Goh has been, since 2019, Shopee Category Manager, responsible for developing key B2C beauty and FMCG brands, and managing key C2C sellers and traders. Previously, for more than eight years, Esther was with Accenture, from 2010, as Talent and Organisation Consultant – managing talent and people strategy, and culture and change management, then later in 2015, as Business Strategy Manager – managing growth and customer, and digital transformation, strategy.

Esther registered for the HELP University American Degree Programme (ADP), and commenced the ADP in 2006 under HELP’s Distinction Partial Scholarship. She transferred to Australia with recognition of prior learning for undergraduate studies in psychology, graduating with her Bachelor of Psychology degree awarded by the University of South Australia’s (UniSA). She advanced to Flinders University for postgraduate studies, graduating with Master of Disabilty Studies.

Esther had completed school education at SMK Seri Bintang, (Utara), Kuala Lumpur, scoring 8 As and 1 B for her SPM in 2003.

“Memorable best describes the two and a half years I spent as a HELP ADP (Psychology Major) student. I learnt not just academic theories of what psychology is and isn’t, but was empowered by forward-thinking lecturers who encouraged us to go above and beyond the classroom in our critical thinking and research capabilities. The classroom wasn’t our only learning ground. HELP’s active partnerships with a wide network of organisations, in-house research colloquiums and symposiums gave students a foretaste of what it would be like when they encounter the Real Deal. Indeed, I have HELP to thank for shaping who I am today”.

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