Dear Students, Parents and Esteemed Colleagues,

The Department of Psychology at HELP University recognizes both the concerns and anxieties regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and the threats they pose to our mental and physical health and well-being from being confined in an enclosed space over a prolonged period of time. It is therefore important that we do our part to ensure that we keep ourselves and our families safe and healthy while at home.

This pandemic affects everyone differently and can make it challenging for us to ensure the safety of our friends and family. Many people have reached out to us to share their concerns and to ask for emotional and psychological support for themselves and their loved ones.

Over the past few weeks, we have gathered our best minds from the Department of Psychology to provide mental health services, talks and information regarding how to deal with mental health issues related to COVID-19 and the current uncertainties of Movement Control Order (MCO). Our recently established Centre for Mental Health and Well Being has created a resource hub, Mental Health Response to COVID-19, to address these issues and answer queries you may have regarding COVID-19, from a psychological perspective.

This initiative will be launching new content regularly in forms of blogposts, podcasts, videos and radio shows in hopes to make psychology more accessible and practical to the public.

These are unprecedented times for everyone and we hope that these resources can help us all to navigate better, as we collectively do our part in staying at home.

The 5 Keys Series to Wellbeing

5 keys for families to stay sane when stuck indoors

5 keys for keeping connected when you are socially distant

5 keys for keeping your cool at the checkout

5 keys for singles to stay connected

5 keys to catching good Zzzzs in crisis

5 Keys to cook your way through Covid

5 keys to developing mindfulness in the midst of Covid

5 keys to make fun foremost and frolic through the extended

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5 Keys to building brain muscle and being SMART!

Please access these free resources below