Episode 1 – The psychology of fear_ panic and anxiety (feat. Dr Ng Siew Li)

Episode 2 – Maintaining good hygiene and mental health during health crises (Lavanya Selvaratnam)

Episode 3 – How to take care of your relationships (feat. Karuna Sarah Thomas)

Episode 4 – Responsible social media use (feat. Sandy Clarke)

Episode 5 – Being productive at home and managing boundaries (feat. Yap Wai Meng) (1)

Episode 6 – Making sense of chaos in times of crisis (feat. Evone Phoo)

Episode 7 – Exploring the ‘new normal’ after the COVID-19 outbreak (feat. TamilSelvan Ramis)

Episode 8 – How much should we tell children about COVID-19 (Melissa Chua _ Puan Fatimah)

Episode 9 – Why do we make irrational decisions (feat. Hoo Keat _ Ho Yan)

Episode 10 – Exploring racism and xenophobia during COVID-19 outbreak (feat. Elaine Fernandez)

Episode 11 – The psychology of mattering to others (feat. Dr Ditto)

Episode 12 – What does it mean to ‘flatten the curve’ of COVID-19 (feat. Timothy Liew)