The HELP MBA programme gives you Exceptional Value for your investment. The rapid growth of our programme confirms it as the ultimate choice of aspiring executives.

Why is this so?

  • It is a most affordable investment, giving you high lifetime returns and quick payback. The total fee is reasonable, with easy payments. Your education budget is therefore very comfortable
  • Its flexibility allows you to study with little stress. You can customize the study schedule to suit your work requirements
  • Assessment is by assignments and case studies. You are assessed on your conceptual, analytical and application skills
  • Assignments are related to your work and business. Whatever you learn can be immediately applied. Every piece of learning is useful and useable, practical and pragmatic
  • The Faculty comprises academics and professionals who are also practitioners. They expose you to cutting-edge thinking and hands-on experiences
  • Team-based learning is encouraged. It develops your leadership as you master communication and negotiation skills. Group learning is experiential; it helps you in your workplace. You also develop a powerful network of successful professionals who are your peers
  • The Faculty do not just lecture; they coach and facilitate your learning. You are constantly challenged in your views. Learning is lively in such an interactive environment. You think sharper
  • Your organization benefits directly from your learning as you immediately apply what you have learnt from your peers and faculty
  • You develop leadership and mentoring skills for your organization. This helps you to work with your colleagues as a collaborative team.