Faculty of Education and Languages

Early Childhood Education Overview


The DECE and BECE Programmes prepare the Educator and Care-provider to be the qualified and certified educator and carer of young children. It is the professional identity in the ECCE industry.


Implicit in early childhood education (ECE) is the provision of care (ECCE), which is the essence of HELP ECE programmes for the Educator-Carer acquires knowledge and understanding, skills and strategies, attitudes and values in distinctively ECCE domains.

  • Partnering Parents
  • Safety and Security
  • Hygiene and Health
  • Appropriate Activities
  • Records and Reports


In scope and contents, the DECE and BECE programmes are spiral and integrated.

The Educator-Carer begins the professional preparation journey with a broad appraisal of the ECCE knowledge base and progressively becomes qualified and eventually, certified for work with young children in nursery and kindergarten.

Spiral Diagram: Spiral and Integrated DECEC and BECE Curriculum

Year 3: Society, School and Home

Year 2: Nursery and Kindergarten Programmes

Year 1: EDU-CARER and ECCE Services


DECE qualified and certified Educator-Carers are motivated to pursue the BECE (Hons) Programme. They are eligible for second year admission with strong academic standing locally and overseas.

  • Available to HELP, DECE Educator-carers are merit scholarships and grants.
  • Several universities oversea offer HELP Educator-carers advanced standing.
  • Credit transfer and subject exemption are available.


The BECE Students Club is an initiative of the first cohort of students (2011). It has grown in status and extended its activities into several community services. Every BECE student is a member. From the wide range of activities organized, informal learning experiences augment the learning experience of the formal programme. This enriches the Edu-carers’ professional journey by encouraging them to assume leadership roles and take ownership of their own educational journey of commitment to community service.

Activities of the BECE Students Club:

  • Organized annual events
    • BECE gathering connecting with ECE stakeholders
    • 2-days of activities with the Pop-Up Stories Fan Clubs of Selangor and KL
    • Second Time Around Story Books
  • Organising and maintaining the Library of the HELP Education Department
  • Participation in Orang Asli Study Camps.

Language Education Overview

Course details

A high level of competency in English has become a workplace requirement. As such, the demand for well-qualified and competent English teachers will keep on growing.

HELP University is well-positioned to offer a high-quality learning experience for students aiming to make a career in Education. The B.Ed. in TESL (Hons) programme will equip graduates with the necessary knowledge, skills and capabilities to succeed as teaching professionals in public and private schools and universities.

The Department has an excellent teaching faculty with Master’s and PhD level qualifications. Our staff is assigned courses based on their respective areas of expertise. We challenge you to enrol in this programme and see how it can help you to achieve your goals.


Graduate employability is always a key factor considered by both students and potential employers. Practical applications are strongly featured in the programme, which links theory and practice through critical reflection to build work-based skills as well as sound academic knowledge.

The programme has a Practicum Component which develops professional skills and attributes through observation and feedback. The programme also helps students to develop their interpersonal skills, teamwork skills and communication skills, which are highly sought after by employers. Skills gained from this area of study can easily be applied to different jobs enabling graduates to take up a wide range of careers in various sectors. There are also many opportunities for graduates of HELP’s B. Ed in TESL (Hons) programme who wish to pursue their graduate studies.

Students have access to the facilities and expertise of HELP University’s ELM Graduate School and other academic departments. In addition, HELP leverages on its extensive network of international university partners to offer a wide range of choices for graduates at premier institutions and academies.

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