Department of University of London Programmes

A word from the head of Department

Why choose the University of London Programmes? The answer is simple: they are arguably the most prestigious social science degrees offered in Malaysia. You want to differentiate yourself from the thousands with degrees? Can’t afford to go overseas? Want a classy degree with a lot of meat on it? Hey, the University of London is right here in Kuala Lumpur. You could opt to take one of the degrees offered by the University of London. They have been running this show for over a hundred years. We’ve been doing it for more than 3 decades, providing teaching and support to its EMFSS programmes.

The deal is straight-forward: The University of London Programmes offer degrees and diplomas in the area of Economics, Management, Finance, and Social Science (EMFSS) with academic direction provided by LSE. So you can benefit from the academic rigour and leading-edge research undertaken by LSE. While HELP Academy offers you teaching and support to accomplish the study of the University of London degree. Another distinguishing feature is that all examinations are set and graded in Britain. So you know your degree is certified by a world class institution.

The programmes are designed to cultivate a sense of challenge and pride for students. This is the premier league. These are degrees which will open doors and take you places. With more than 30 years under our belts, we have the savvy and experience to deliver. No hype. No hard sell. We are an experienced academic crew who’d like you on board. And remember, you don’t just get a degree. You get an education.

With more than 54,000 students in 180 countries, these degrees have earned global recognition in both academic and professional circles. The distinctive quality of the University of London degrees is comparable to those from Oxbridge.

Globally, the International Programmes have produced luminaries such as Nelson Mandela and Nobel Laureates such as Ronald Coase, Derek Walcott and Sir Charles Kao. For mortals, the degrees offer students an edge in a competitive global economy because the university is a premier educational institution.

Baldev Sidhu
Head of Department


Special Features

  • The Programmes have a long history of academic achievement and innovation since its founding in 1858
  • The University of London degree is a benchmark of academic quality and excellence
  • The University of London degree is highly valued and sought after by global employers in diverse occupational fields
  • The Programmes have great flexibility by allowing students to tailor study their degree pathway to suit their needs.
  • University of London Programmes stress the need to develop analytical skills and conceptual insights in identifying and resolving problems of different magnitudes and dimensions
  • Full access to University of London’s online library resources, study and learning aids, samples of past examination questions, and other study materials through the University’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) system
  • The Programmes have immense global popularity with over 54,000 enrolled students in some 180 countries


  • HELP has more than 30 years’ experience conducting the University of London degrees with a proud record of over 1,700 graduates under this system
  • HELP is the first and foremost provider of the University of London degrees in Malaysia
  • HELP’s Department of University of London Programmes has nurtured many achievers, First Class Honours graduates or winners of distinguished prizes and awards
  • HELP’s Department of University of London Programmes is run by a team of professionals and highly qualified and experienced academics, many with PhD degrees from prominent universities
  • The entire degree can be completed locally at HELP
  • Credit transfer to the LSE or other top universities in the world
  • Many of HELP’s University of London graduates today fill high posts in multinational corporations and universities in the UK, Singapore and Malaysia
  • HELP’s Department of University of London Programmes promotes strong links with industry and stress workplace learning through internships
  • The University of London degrees conducted at HELP are cost competitive and affordable for students from all economic backgrounds
  • Generous scholarships and bursaries from HELP for ambitious candidates who aim high
  • The UEC qualification holders may be admited directly into Year 1 of the University of London Degrees


HELP has gained vital experience since 1986 in running the University of London programmes. Today, four academic programmes are offered to cater to students’ specific needs:

BSc Accounting & Finance, BSc Economics & Management, BSc Economics and BSc Banking & Finance. Each programme has its own unique features.

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