Dear Students and Parents,


One 1 May 2020 Prime Minister announced a relaxation of the MCO regulations. Most businesses can now resume operations on Monday 4 May 2020.  However, because universities and schools are still barred from reopening, our campuses will remain closed until 12 May 2020. 

(A) No face-to-face teaching 

We are also informed by the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) that universities cannot conduct face-to-face teaching until further notice. We have attached the MOHE circular to this email. All classes and examinations will be conducted online through the Learning Management System (LMS) until further notice. 


The government has announced that it has allowed local students to return to their hometowns. The Department of Student Affairs has been in touch with students who have chosen to return. Their names have been submitted to the Ministry of Higher Education. We understand that students will be returning to their hometowns in early May. 

I would like to wish all students sitting for their examinations all the best. If you are facing any issues regarding your studies and examinations, please reach out to your departments. 


Be mindful of good practices to protect ourselves and our families.

Be cheerful: the sun is still shining.


Blessed Ramadan to our Muslim students and their families. 



Best regards,


Professor Datuk Dr Paul Chan
Vice-Chancellor and President