Dear Students and Parents,

Greetings from HELP!

We would like to update you regarding some of the key decisions that we have made regarding the mode of studies for the rest of the year, since the circular from the government was released. (Appendix A)


(A) Dual Mode: Online Learning and Face to Face Teaching

  • First Year Students

From 24 August 2020 onwards, we will be offering a dual mode option for First Year students for certain courses, whereby there will be face to face classes, which will be recorded and uploaded online. In this mode, they will have the choice (if outstation or overseas with valid reasons) to download recordings of the live F2F lectures, after the F2F lectures have taken placeHowever, there will still be courses that are conducted online, so please refer to the announcements made by your respective departments with regard to the mode for each course.


  • Final Semester Students

Final semester students are only allowed to return to campus to use the facilities or equipment. 

  • Specialist Equipment

Classes that require specialist equipment will be conducted face to face. Your academic department will be in touch with you regarding this arrangement. 


All Other Students

All other students will be attending full online classes until 1 October 2020. 


From 1 October 2020 until the end of the year, courses will be offered in either dual mode or online mode to all students. Academic departments will advise their respective students about the specific details of which programs may operate face-to-face, and if there are any variations from the information provided above. In addition, the specific date of commencement of dual mode options will be communicated by your respective departments, so please look out for these announcements.


(B) Examinations

For the rest of 2020, examinations for undergraduates will be conducted online. For postgraduate students, please refer to your respective departments regarding the mode of examinations. 


(C) International Students

International Students are now allowed to re-enter Malaysia. The government has recently announced that any persons entering or returning to Malaysia will be quarantined for 14 days in a hotel. As a result of this, international students will be quarantined in a hotel, when they are released, HELP University will assist to pick up students and transfer them to their student accommodation and help them in any other matters. 

Please contact Mr Lim Hua Chung ( from International Students Services Department (ISSD) (  if you require any assistance. 


(D) Social Distancing 

HELP University has installed facial recognition and thermal scanners at the main entrances in ELM, Wisma IBI, Wisma HELP, and in Subang 2. 

When you enter our buildings please have your temperature checked and as per government regulations, it’s compulsory for everyone entering the buildings to fill in your contact details in MySejahtara. It would be best if you could please download the MySejahtara app as it will speed up your entry. 


(E) COVID-19 cases at HELP University and HELP Academy

As of to date, there are no COVID-19 cases at HELP University and HELP Academy.  


Stay safe, and healthy. 


Best regards,

Professor Datuk Dr Paul Chan
Vice-Chancellor and President