Dear Students, Parents, and Staff,

Greetings! Each day we monitor the news from the government regarding the COVID-19 situation. We are glad that the number of new cases is on the decline in Malaysia. However, we shall continue to be vigilant. We shall stay at home until the Movement Control Order (MCO) is over. 


(A)  No COVID-19 cases at HELP University and HELP Academy 

We take comfort in the fact that as of to date, there are still no reported cases in our community.  


(B) Movement Control Order (MCO)


As you are aware, the Prime Minister on the 10th of April has announced that the government has decided to extend the MCO by another two weeks to 28th April. The University’s campus remains closed until April 28, in compliance with this order. All operations of the University after 28th April will depend on the decisions and stipulations of the government.


(C) Coursera: a leading American online learning platform

HELP University has partnered with Coursera, one of the world’s leading online education providers offering courses from reputable universities from around the world. We are pleased to inform you that Coursera has granted HELP’s staff and students free access to more than 3,000++ course titles. You should therefore take this opportunity to upgrade your skills and knowledge whether it is for your personal or academic advancement. Your department will be in touch with you soon regarding the access to Coursera. 


(D) Your Wellbeing and Welfare

As mentioned in previous advisories, if you need help, or assistance in any form during the MCO, please contact our staff members listed in the emergency contact list who will be happy to assist you.

The mental health effects of COVID-19 are equally important to be addressed as are the physical health effects. 

In this regard, the Department of Psychology and the Centre for Mental Health and Well-being have produced a series of  helpful and interesting articles, podcasts and videos on how to navigate emotionally and psychologically during the pandemic and MCO. You may access the resources on this webpage  

These resources are also available in the university’s Department of Psychology’s Facebook page:


(E) Your examinations

Online examinations or take-home examinations are still ongoing this week. We hope that you are all coping well with your studies and examinations. We understand that this is the first time that you are going through this mode of examinations and it’s something new. Therefore if you need to understand further the specific requirements of such exams, please do not hesitate to contact your lecturers or department.


(F) Staying vibrant and connected: Online activities 

We are very pleased that many of you have participated in the online quizzes and various competitions recently. We are offering more later.  

The essay competition on ‘How to improve HELP online education’ is well received. It is still ongoing. Please participate in it and let us know how we can improve the online education at HELP. 

Meanwhile, we are working with various institutions and specialists to offer interesting online talks and seminars on a wide range of topics. They are both educational and instructive. The speakers are experts and authorities in their fields. You may find the information on these talks and seminars on our Facebook, Instagram, and website. Please take this opportunity for self-development or self-improvement. 


(G) Student Food Assistance

We have a strong culture of compassion at HELP. To help some needy students we have been supplying them with foods and drinks. I thank my colleagues and many individuals and corporations that have contributed both cash and kinds to help these students. They are indeed people of kindness and magnanimity. 


(H) The sacred month of Ramadan 

The month of Ramadan in Malaysia will begin in the evening of 23 April 2020. Ramadan month is the significant period of fasting, reflection, devotion and prayer for all Muslims. In the occasion of the beginning of Ramadan, the University wishes all Muslims community in HELP a happy and blessed Ramadan in fulfilling their religious observance.  

Lastly, I want to thank students, parents and my colleagues for their understanding and positive approach in helping one another during this time. 

You are always in my prayers.

Please stay safe, stay indoors. Be healthy and be happy.


Best regards,


Professor Datuk Dr Paul Chan
Vice-Chancellor and President