Dear Students and Parents,

HELP has initiated a university-wide contingency plan, with the appropriate procedures and measures, to cope with the challenges of COVID-19 so that all students and staff are monitored and protected.

Our management receives regular briefings from the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education. We follow their advice and guidelines.

We want to reassure you that our university’s highest priority is our unwavering focus on the health and safety of our staff and students. In the event if staff and students are impacted by COVID-19 we will give them all the appropriate support.

To ensure that your studies are not disrupted, our academics are developing teaching and learning materials for the Learning Management System for you to access and self study during the Control Movement Order (CMO).

We have been sending out regular email updates to our students, which can be found below.

Please keep yourselves safe and stay indoors.

We take this opportunity to emphasize the importance of practicing good personal hygiene and sensible precautions to minimize the risk of illness as we go about our daily lives.

Our buildings and furniture are regularly cleaned and disinfected.

We thank staff, students and parents for your cooperation. We appreciate that you be forthcoming in disclosing the necessary travel and health information should the need arise.

The management will be sending out weekly updates on Fridays regarding the COVID-19 situation on our campuses.

We would like to continue to assure students and parents that the university’s highest priority remains the health and safety of our students and staff. As soon as we know of any information that affects any one of our students, parents or staff, we will share it with the wider HELP community to the best of our ability through the official communications channel – email from the university.

To help each other and the nation, we urge students, parents, and staff not to spread unnecessary alarm, and information that may not be genuine regarding COVID-19.

Here are some useful websites regarding COVID-19, and what you should do if you become infected:

Ministry of Health, Malaysia
World Health Organisation
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, United States

Note: Presently there are NO cases of students or staff infected with COVID-19 at HELP University and HELP Academy.

The Malaysian Government has announced several relaxations to the prohibitions and restrictions under the standard operating procedures (“SOPs”) for states and federal territories that are still under the First Phase of the National Recovery Plan (“NRP”).

Reminder: COVID-19 SOPs and restrictions will be eased for those who are fully vaccinated:

Relaxed SOPs are applicable for fully vaccinated individuals and children aged 17 years and below under the company of fully vaccinated parents.

Overseas travel is now allowed for fully vaccinated individuals. Those who wish to travel abroad no longer need to apply for a MyTravelPass, but it is compulsory to do a swab test before returning to Malaysia and upon arrival. A 7-day quarantine will also be required upon return and self-quarantine at home is allowed.
Dine-in is now allowed at restaurants and F&B outlets nationwide. Restaurants are now allowed to operate from 6AM – 12AM.
Full vehicle capacity (as per seating capacity of vehicle) is now allowed provided all passengers are fully vaccinated. The 10KM travel radius restriction has also been lifted.
The interstate travel ban will be lifted from 11 Oct 2021 onwards. Fully vaccinated individuals are now allowed to travel interstate nationwide, except to and from localities placed under the EMCO.
Individual, non-contact sports and recreational activities with physical distancing are allowed in outdoor areas. This includes activities such as jogging, exercise, taichi, cycling, skateboarding, fishing, hiking, golfing, and more. Indoor sports and recreational activities will be allowed under close supervision. Gyms and fitness centres are also allowed to reopen at reduced capacities.
Camping and picnics are allowed with strict compliance to the SOP.
Cinemas nationwide will be allowed to reopen with 50% audience capacity. Fully vaccinated individuals can from 9 September onwards.

Besides the activities mentioned above, individuals who are vaccinated are also allowed to head to these newly-reopened businesses such as:

  1. Car wash.
  2. Electric and electrical shops.
  3. Furniture shops, sports equipment stores.
  4. Household and kitchen appliances shops.
  5. Car accessories shops, automotive and car sales shops.
  6. Clothing, fashion, and accessories stores
  7. Morning and wholesale markets.
  8. Hair saloons (for haircuts only)

Hotel stays and homestays are allowed within the same state.

Masks are mandatory in all public spaces and can only be taken off:

  • While at home with only family members
  • White in hotels or accommodation with only family members
  • When alone in your workspace
  • While doing sports or recreational activities (indoors and outdoors)
  • In the car with only family members
  • Indoors or outdoors without other individuals around
  • While eating or drinking

As always, please be mindful of following the SOPs set when visiting or working in ALL our HELP campuses. Wear your masks at all times and sanitize your hands as often as possible.

For more info on our campuses SOPs, visit: